Roon Server installation

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I was wondering, when I install a clean Roon Server installation without the control software on my server. Are the “allow connections from remote” on by default? Will my iPad controll app be able to log in by default or do I need to do changes on my server?

Hello Jens,

for shure some People would just tell you RTFM ;-)!
But as I know (by myself) how hard it is to search and find what you are looking for, when you are the first time confronted with a new eco-system I just answer your question.

When your core Installation is on the same Network as your iPad/Android or Windows Software then this is a definite “Yes”.

Just fire up your app and it will find the core-server by ist own.

I just moved my core to a Linux System with a Nuc i5 (means Installation from scratch) and I just needed to start the app in iPad or Windows. The really convenient thing was, that I could just browse for my backup and load it to the new core and all my music was there after some minutes, without processing the audio files again.

When this is not happening, then maybe your core isn’t set up in the right way or it’s on a different Network.

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Thank you Rene.

Then I should be ok

This is why I created this thread:

Help new comers start and avoid first hand issues :smiley:

@Jens_Petter_Johansen See the above post, I think it could help you! :smiley: