Roon Server Issue

I installed new Roon Core on a MacMini (use to be on my MacBook Pro). Prior to doing so I did a backup and copied my music library onto the Mac mini. I installed the core on Mac mini, did a restore from backup and pointed core to new location of my music file.

I then went back to my MacBook Pro and deleted the Roon app and also deleted the Roon file in library. I then installed the Roon Bridge on my MacBook Pro. I’ve reinstalled 3 times but the Roon Bridge app will not open.

Roon bridge doesn’t open a window it’s just an icon in the menu bar and it doesn’t restart at login unless you set to under the icon right click

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Thanks for the feedback.

I thought Roon bridge would give me similar app interface as when I have Roon Core installed on my MacBook Pro. Looks like it just acts as a remote point.

Can I install Roon Server on my MacBook Pro and connect it to the new core on the Mac mini so I can access all my music on the MacBook Pro?

You want to install the complete Roon software, not just RoonServer as that also has no GUI.

The complete Roon software can act as Remote and Output, rather than Core.
Your Core would stay where it is now.

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It worked…Many thanks Slim!

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