Roon Server Issues after core server HD upgrade [Solved]

Hi - I needed to upgrade the capacity of the HD in my Mac Mini server. All went well, and I ran a full restoration of the server (including Roon DB & all audio) from a Time Machine backup. Upon firing up a remote client it could connect, but wouldn’t show any of my audio or existing players.
I’ve since tried restoring the Roon DB individually from a recent backup (non-Time Machine), and now the remote clients can see the server, but all say the server is “initializing” and will go no further. I’ve tried a reinstallation of the server software, & stopping\starting the server & clients, but no joy. Any thoughts on what to try next?

Managed to kick it back into life by restoring a slightly earlier backup, so all seems good now. Backing up is a good thing. Always. Right, now to start filling my spare 1TB with some more music!

Hi Vincent,

Glad you got it sorted.

Keep in mind that when backing up your Roon database, make sure Roon or Roon Server (whichever you’re using) is not running. So, Time Machine backup is not supported for your DB backup.

Roon will be releasing a backup feature in the future.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,

I use Chronosync to take regular offline backups as well as Time Machine so can generally get out of jail. However, a built in backup utility will be extremely welcome, ideally one that could be scheduled, versioned etc.



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