Roon Server Just Installed - Will NOT Run/Start [resolved its running after all]


I just installed Roon Server onto a brand new MacOS Sierra Installation.
Roon Server will not start when I double click on the icon.

No error messages, nothing…
Please help.


Do you see the Roon icon in your menubar? That’s all the UI that Roon Server has — it’s intended to be used with a separate control point (tablet, smartphone, another computer).

If you need the full UI on the server computer, install Roon rather than Roon Server.

Not a huge amount of information to go on.

Roon Server runs in the background but will need setting up. If you install Roon on the same MAC (or use an iPad) does it see the background process?

Hmm, ok I didn’t realize that.

Yes, the Roon Icon is in the Dock and the Open at Login option is enabled. However what is throwing me off is that there is not black dot below the icon indicating that it is running.

No, I have not tried to control with another computer or tablet. Will have to do that as my next step.

I did read that it is meant to be controlled remotely, but assumed that it would still show sone type of UI on the machine where the server is installed.

So, how do I know that Roon Server is actually running?


OK, just checked Activity Monitor and Roon Server is in fact running. Shows 0.04% CPU usage,

  1. If the Roon icon shows in the menubar (not the Dock) on the server computer.
  2. If you can see the core from a remote.

Hi David,

Yes, the Room Icon is now showing in the menubar at the top of the screen.

I just downloaded Roon onto a separate computer and can confirm that I was able to see the core from the remote.

At this point, I believe I need to load my music onto the Roon Server (Have a separate 1 TB SSD on that machine and begin to configure and familiarize my self with the system.

Thanks for the fast help and attention.


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You don’t need to add your music to the server, you just need to be able to point the server to wherever your music is stored. Many folks use a remote NAS for example.

Glad you’re up and running.