Roon server Linux with massive library 1M+ tracks

I’m new to Roon but wanting to start playing with it and take advantage of my Roon ready DAC.

My digital library is massive. It’s built from over 20 years of music collection.

Total tracks is over 1 million. Has anyone dealt with a library this size with Roon? The only library software that has been able to handle it is Jriver and, surprisingly, Plex.

I’m concerned the Nucleus can’t handle it and am looking at building a Linux box to run the server on.

I’ll probably run other services, like Plex.

I’m looking at an i9 as it has the fastest single core speed out there and probably 32gb mem, nvme for the base system and swap, although hopefully I want get swapped out at 32gb.

Anybody out there run a library this large? Would the Nucleus handle this?


Hey, Brennan. Welcome to the forum.

I’m not sure how much the single-core performance will affect the ability to handle a giant library. It’s mainly useful if you use a lot of DSP on your music. Analysis uses multiple cores. I think the main thing you’d want to do is to max out your RAM, as Roon apparently will just crash if it runs out of RAM (not that that’s ever happened to me, but I have only about 20K tracks). I’d consider 64 gig or even 128.

I fooled around with the specs for a custom built server, and some kind folks added some comments that were useful:

To be precise, that’s with Roon OS, but the OP probably wants to run another OS

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Yes, he does explicitly mention Linux. Of course, RoonOS is Linux too, but he can just run normal Linux with swap enabled to avoid the RAM problem.

However, I think the max-out RAM recommendation still holds, if only for database access with a million tracks.

Absolutely, as explicitly mentioned in the specs (as I’m sure you are aware):

Largest Libraries

If you have over 250K+ tracks in your library, consider us impressed! You’re among the top .01% of Roon users, and you have a library most of us could only dream of.

With libraries this large, we expect the right hardware will work, but it’s not something we test in-house.

Your best bet will be to get a beefy Roon OS setup with a fast new CPU and plenty of RAM, but a very high-spec system running Linux, Windows, or macOS can work just as well.

With a million tracks it will use a lot of RAM and it won’t be satisfying if it starts swapping :slight_smile:

I just wanted to mention to the OP that it’s not so much Roon Server misbehaving in memory pressure situations, but that the crash is deliberate in Roon OS specifically because it doesn’t swap on purpose.

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Thanks a bunch for the responses. Exactly what I needed to know.

I will probably go with a Linux distro over MOCK and run some other services as well.


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Hey Brennan,

I’ve been collecting on the digital side for 20+ years having a library of 2m+ tracks. I’ve also been a Roon user for the past 7yrs. From my experience you are going to want to invest in a box where you can take the RAM size up as high as possible (128MB min). In the past I was able to get away with running my Roon on my library with 32GB, but with the addition the the Folder Browser feature and what appears to be a new method of caching, I cannot even get 1/4 of my library to run without crashing after an hour or so of operation. So don’t even thing about 32GB and in my case after bringing this up to 64GB, I can only get ½ my library running for about 2-3 hours before it crashes. So I would say 128GB is the minimum requirement, especially if you are going to try running other apps on this server, which I personally suggest you get Roon up and running first and monitor the memory usage before adding additional services.

Right now I’m in the process of building out a i9 new system with 192GB capacity. I’m only about ½ way thru bringing back in my library but so far so good.

Good luck!