Roon server logging during playback

Using Roon server on Windows one can observe frequent disk writes to Roon logs. Is there a way to minimize or disable logging? My goal is to eliminate as much disk and processor activity during music playback as possible.

I appreciate that that certain functionality, like the history log, is useful. But the level of write activity, even for this capability, exceeds expectations.

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Hi Larry,

I’ve moved your post to the Feature Requests category, though I doubt that Roon will stop logging during play back.

If you’re concerned with this this level of disk activity, you could mitigate it by fitting a SSD (Roon recommended) rather than a HDD.

Also if your audio end point is directly connected to this Windows PC via say USB, then consider getting a Roon Bridge device so that your DAC can be separated away from the PCs electronics via the LAN.

I’ve redirected Roon’s log files to tmpfs, won’t stop db writes but apart from db and audio reads there should be little activity.

Hi Carl,

I’m on running Windows, which to my knowledge has no tmpsfs equivalent. I’ll take a look at a ramdisk solution. Longer term, I’m moving to Archlinux, so there will be more opportunity to control devices.

It is easy to observe a constant stream of writes during playback from Roon and the level of activity is surprising. I wish Roonlabs would give us some controls. In the past I was able to successful turn off logging in minimserver and MPD with great SQ results.

My playback PC is running diskless with ISCSI boot, so network bandwidth is limited to 1gb /sec, until I upgrade to 10gbs fiber NIC connections.

Thanks for your suggestions.


+1 from me for an option to disable the logging Roon does. I’ve monitored yesterday and Roon writes to its log file once every second or two. There’s practically no other writes in my system (Windows Server 2012 R2 with Audiophile Optimizer) happening.

Perhaps I’ll later experiment with denying Roon write access to the logs directory or making a symlink to a RAM drive but it would be nicer if we could just disable this excessive and, in a stable system, unnecessary logging!

I also noticed that when using extensions, a lot of logging is added. Like this every second:

    08/13 13:00:16 Trace: [roonapi] [apiclient] CONTINUE Changed {"zones_changed":[{"zone_id":"1601ce4354df413edb022402aa7a9af50554","display_name":"X300A","outputs":[{"output_id":"1701ce4354df413edb022402aa7a9af50554","zone_id":"1601ce4354df413edb022402aa7a9af50554","can_group_with_output_ids":["1701ce4354df413edb022402aa7a9af50554"],"display_name":"X300A","volume":{"type":"number","min":0,"max":100,"value":38,"step":1,"is_muted":false}}],"state":"playing","is_next_allowed":true,"is_previous_allowed":true,"is_pause_allowed":true,"is_play_allowed":false,"is_seek_allowed":true,"settings":{"loop":"disabled","shuffle":false,"auto_radio":true},"now_playing":{"seek_position":45,"length":311,"one_line":{"line1":"Some of Them Are Old - Brian Eno"},"two_line":{"line1":"Some of Them Are Old","line2":"Brian Eno"},"three_line":{"line1":"Some of Them Are Old","line2":"Brian Eno","line3":"Here Come The Warm Jets"},"image_key":"9d1650186ee00a69855231d5c48dbe6c"}}]}