Roon server not booting: started>error>not responding


Roon Core Machine
Windows 10
Core i5 Lenovo thinkpad T420
8GB ram
Ethernet connection

I am attempting to migrate my Roon core from an older i5 desktop to a slightly newer i5 laptop.

I installed Roon server on the target computer and restored Roon DB from a recent backup (1 day old). The restore completes with a message to relaunch Roon, but then after clicking the relaunch button, the Roon server status goes into a loop of: started—>error—>not responding.

Restarting the laptop several times did not help.

Uninstalling Roon completely, installing again and restoring again results in same situation

Please advise

After several hours in this loop somehow things got sorted out and now everything is working

Wild, but I’ll take it! Can you remember anything that changed around the time it started working?

Nothing much, except that my kids where off to bed and I decided to give it another attempt :grin:

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