Roon server not completing start-up: continaully attempts restart

HI both,

Thank you so much for working through this issue for me. Special thanks to Tony who has been available on weekends - Sunday morning, most recently - to troubleshoot as needed. Impressive service.

Roon Server worked perfectly yesterday afternoon and is fine this morning. So far, so good.

@noris, if Tony does not still have the file I can grab it from a music back-up.

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Checking back I find that I did not delete ‘Braided Hair’ … although I should have! You may find that it is still there, and if so it is not causing a problem apparently. All the others appeared to be dbPowerAmp rips with incorrect tags and possibly incomplete rips:

No problem Tony. I deleted the whole 1 Giant Leap album soon after you logged out of my system.

Hi @Raymond_Daniel,

Can you you please send me the Giant Leap album just in case? I will ask QA to see if they can try importing this on their end without issue. Please upload it to Dropbox / Google Drive / and private message me a link (click my name here -> message), thanks!

Hi noris,

My pleasure - done and message sent. Please be aware that this is from a back-up of my music files and is not from the Antipodes drive; still, it should be the same as what Tony deleted.

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Hi @Raymond_Daniel,

Thanks for sending the album over, I can confirm I received them properly. I will get these files over to QA in case it will help prevent similar issues in the future.

Thanks again for reaching out to us @Raymond_Daniel and for your assistance @Tony_Devitt in troubleshooting this behavior!

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The Antipodes/Roon Server returned to the old behaviour after a couple of days. A few days after the issue was resolved I had start bouncing Roon Server to get it to start; after a few days Roon Server just failed to start, having the same behaviour as before, stopping at the point in the start-up process.

Sorry all, I really do not want to bother you with this - do I raise another ticket or can this one be reopened.


Hi @Raymond_Daniel,

I’ve gone ahead and re-opened your old ticket.

I spoke to QA regarding the old files which had issues on your end, and they weren’t able to reproduce the behavior, so I don’t believe these are the correct offending files here.

I’m not seeing your Antipodes communicating with our diagnostics systems, could you or @Tony_Devitt please access the Roon logs on this Core and send me a new set?

Hi @noris

Would you like me to share the logs via Google drive or would you prefer I send them, perhaps to the same link as last time?

Also, is there something @Tony_Devitt or I can do so that my Antipodes connects with your diagnostics?

Hi @Raymond_Daniel,

You can certainly upload the logs to the previous location I sent, just please make sure to upload them as a separate .zip archive and let me know once you have done so and I’ll check the folder.

A reboot of the Core usually resolves issues with Cores communicating with our diagnostics servers, so I would give that a try. If the communication is still not established, I would check for any firewalls on the router which may be blocking access to * addresses.

Hi @noris

Logs uploaded.

I suspect diagnostics are not connecting because Roon Server will not start. I can check the firewall later today, just to be sure.

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Hi @Raymond_Daniel,

Thanks for sending those logs over. I took a look through them and I’m not seeing much information, it looks like RoonServer is trying to start and when it tries to mount your NAS001\Backup drive the log ends. Could you try temporarily powering off your NAS001 location to see if this is a factor in the issue?

Hi @noris,

Just tried cycling with variations. Neither restarting Roon Server or bouncing the Antipodes, with the backup NAS on or off or disconnected from the network, makes a difference.

When the system first started with this type of behaviour, it occurred only occasionally and was resolved by ensuring the backup NAS was turned on. The frequency of occurrence gradually increased over roughly two years (fortnightly - weekly - every few days) and could usually be resolved by turning on the NAS and restarting Roon Server or in come cases bouncing the Antipodes. Now, turning on (or off) the NAS seems to have no effect.

It seems odd that reinstalling Roon Server seems to resolve the issue, yet the behaviour starts recurring within a few days. I thought it might be a setting I change after the reinstallation is tested (backup, Tidal) that might causing the issue… but I don’t have enough into to make even a vague correlation. Probably unlikely anyway.

No progress at my end.

Hi @Raymond_Daniel,

Thanks for this bit of info, this confirms my suspicion that the NAS has something to do with the issue.

Have you tried reinstalling Roon Server and having the NAS completely disassociated with Roon? As in don’t even add this share at all to Roon?

I wonder if that would allow a longer stable connection and something regarding the NAS or structure of the backups folder is causing issues with the Core booting up.

Possibly there are some more dodgy rip files on the NAS similar to those I found on the Antipodes hard drive?

@Tony_Devitt, Had not thought of that. I’ve deleted the files from the backup NAS, rebooted the NAS then rebooted the Antipodes. No change - still looping in the same way.

Only immediately after reinstallation of Roon Server. I have usually reconfigured backup soon thereafter. I’d be happy to try, though Tony may need to do that.

Hi @Raymond_Daniel,

What happens if you disconnect the NAS and reboot your Antipodes server (leaving the NAS offline)? Does the Antipodes still fail to start properly?

Hi @noris,

Sorry for delay in getting back to this - tough work week.

With the backup NAS now disconnected from the network, neither bouncing the Antipodes or restarting Roon Server has made a difference: Roon Server is stuck in the start-up loop. Could removing Roon Server’s backup mount help matters? Not sure how to do this without it starting and being able to access it.