Roon Server not launching (Win 7) [Solved]


I have downloaded Roon Server (64 bit for Windows). After install, the app refuses to launch (there is no error message - just nothing).

I have an i5 laptop with 4MB of Ram, running Win7 Pro (64 bit). It has a dedicated 2GB graphics adapter.

I have tried disabling the firewall, and even reinstalled with firewall disabled. Still doesn’t launch.

Hoping someone can provide some assistance / suggestions.

Thanks - Kelvin.

Apologies if this is obvious, but Roon Server is headless, so when you launch it you’re just going to get a Roon icon in the task bar. You’ll need to install Roon on any device you want to configure or use Roon Server from, including the Windows 7 machine.

If you checked Task Manager and Roon is definitely not running, let me or someone from @Support know, and we’ll take a look.


Hi Mike,

Yes, this does seem obvious (to me now).

Your prompt assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Kelvin.