Roon server not pulling album covers to Core Client

Hi my Roon server is not pulling Tidal album covers to Core (Client).

I have tried the suggestion from @dylan here i.e. Settings > Setup and choose the clear image cache, but the images are still not showing.

I live in South Africa. Is it possible that this can be caused from the WACS cable being broken again? (Source) Edit: Can’t be this as local music is also not showing artwork.

I checked my local library as well. No covers. So it’s local and Tidal.

But it does show covers on my mobile phone client.

Any ideas?

Same here, been like this since the latest update on and off. Right now zero images.



My artist and album covers are magically showing (as of a few minutes ago)… I have no idea what changed or if it will hold as the only thing that happened was a Roon crash. I’ll update here again later to confirm.

Edit: Closed and restarted Roon… and all cover art gone again.