Roon Server Not Restarting - Error Code 431 - Reinstallation Failure (ref#53FGF7)

What’s happening?

· Something else

How can we help?

· None of the above

Other options

· My Roon software won't start up

Describe the issue

I've been running Roon Server on a dedicated NUC hardware. There has been no issues until now. The server stopped running and can not be restated. The error message:
Restart Error
Roon Server could not be successfully
restarted. Please try rebooting, or contact

Rebooting doesn't help either.

I have tried to reinstall from the available options but received this:

There was an error installing the software
Please take a screenshot and contact
support. {"status" :"Failure', "exitcode":431}

Messages from the system:
Operating System
Version 1.0 (build 259) production
Running 27 minutes, 5 seconds.

Roon Database & Settings
100% of 227 GB available.

Roon Server Software
Not Running

Describe your network setup

Telstra router connected to Netgear ProSafe JGS524 switch. Roon NUC connected by cable to the switch. Google WiFi

Hi @Peter_O,
Thanks for writing in to let us know about this issue. What happens if you click the start button next to Roon Server Software. If that doesn’t start it make a back up and reinstall the OS with the reinstall button.

Hi Daniel, thank you for your reply. Have tried both of the above. Server software will not start, returns an error. Reinstall OS returns error 43, as described above. Rebooting also doesn’t help. The system has been stable since 2021, so not sure what is going on.
Kind Regards

Hi @Peter_O,
Our system shows that your server has been active recently. Is your problem resolved?

Yes, sorry for the delay in answer. It turned out to be hardware problem, system drive. I had Samsung 980 Pro, 250Gb as the system drive and it failed but not completely, the web access was still working, hence my confusion. Installed new drive, reinstalled ROC and all is working again.
Thanks for making it easy to de-activate old installation :+1:

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