Roon Server not starting on Windows 10

I am trying to set up Roon 2 on my Lenovo X10 5th gen .
I tried everything mentioned here: Roon on Windows 10 not starting - #2 by dylan

with NO success (cannot update drivers as lenovo claims all up to date). I uploaded the windows log as per instructions as “hans-joachim voth” to your server. Would be nice if after hours of fruitless work I could get something working out of an expensive subscription.

I have edited your support post to remove all of the unnecessary snark that you included.
this would not help you now or in the future to have anyone rushing to assist you.
Please try and keep it factual even when frustrated which is hard I appreicate.
Thank you

Are you using a dual (or more) monitor setup?

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Hi @Hans_Voth,

Are you still having issues? Is there anything I can assist with?


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