Roon Server. NUC or MAC Mini

Currently run roon on a NUC running win 10 But am about to upgrade to a newer NUC. Given the resale value of the NUC I’m wondering about turning it into a Roon Server or Rock. But I’ve also got a spare 20014 Mac mini not doing much. Both have ssd drives with the music collection on a NAS. That said I stream most music these days.

Any advice on which might make a better dedicated server.


I run ROCK on an M.2 in a NUC7i7BEH. It works flawlessly,

While I have a 250GB drive in the NUC that has Win10 installed, I have not used it.

I have several Mac Mini but have not considered them for ROCK. Select whatever is stable for you. The NUC surely has been a great little device.

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I would advise a NUC. I have been using my Mac mini late 2012 as a core ( i7 quad core 16GB Ram
2TB SSD ) for 10 months. The mini was getting hot, the fan making a lot of noise, not nice. I am SO happy with my Intel NUC8i7BEH 16GB/256GB Rock only. No problems at all, very stable performance.

Cheers John.