Roon Server on a dual boot (Ubuntu & Windows)


I have Roon Server running on Ubuntu and local library is on an external ssd drive. On the same hardware I have a dual boot and also Windows running.

So I’m wondering is there a way to run Roon Server on the same hardware but in different OS’ separately without unlinking Roon account on any of them.


Hi Can,

It may be on the same hardware, but, a Roon Core installed in Windows and a Roon Core installed in Ubuntu are two different core installations and one will have to be unathorized for the other to authorize.

Or am I misunderstanding the basic question.

Hi Rugby,

Thank you for your reply.

Let me clarify :slightly_smiling_face:

I have one pc and there is two OS : Windows and Ubuntu installed on it. Mainly I’m on Ubuntu and my Roon Core is there.

Sometimes I need to switch to Windows and I want to have Core there as well.

Roon Core needs to unauthorize the Ubuntu session in order to log in on Windows. So my question was : is there a way to do that? Since that’s not a different or second hardware, I thought that would be :slight_smile:



Hi Can,

You could try to put the Roon Core into a virtual machine, that you can start from both systems.

  • Install e.g. Virtualbox in Windows and in Ubuntu
  • Create a vm in Windows (you might use a separate NTFS partition) and install Core
  • Mount that partition in Ubuntu and import the vm.

I don’t use windoze, never tried to use a vm from linux and win. Works on two linux systems.

You cannot have both cores active, you have to unauthorized one to authorize the other. Unless you have more licenses.
There is no way to automate that process when switching between Cores that I know.

You might want to consider building a NUC to run your Roon core.