Roon server on a Netgear RN202

Hi, I can see that there are a lot of platforms that you can install the Roon Server software on.

But I googled and looked at this site but I was unable to find anything about Netgear NAS running Roon server software.

I have the Netgear NS202 standing unused in a closet. Would be nice to used as a Roon Server.

No unfortunately this won’t work - the RN202 has an ARM processor. For the usage with Roon you’d need an x86 compatible processor …

Thank, would have been nice (:smile: I am not sure if I need a server. I am only playing Tidal.
If I use my iPad to stream to a roon endpoint do I then need a server

I posted directions on getting it to work on Intel cpu based Readynas

You always need a server as Roon is a server based software as it manages music from different sources and manages and processes all the music via the server, serving it to endpoints.

I bought a NUC today and have installed ROCK on it