Roon Server on ARM platform [answered: no]

Hallo, roon developers.
Can you please compile roon server for armv7 or armv8 platform? I know - you can, because it works fine on x86 linux.

The won’t because the arm processors aren’t powerful enough. It has nothing to do with the OS

I don’t think that 4 core Cortex A53 at 1.5 Ghz is much slowly than 4 core Intel Atom. On Atom roonserver works fine.

No. Atom is below the recommended minimum specs for a Roon core. Roon develops for those specs and above. Any implementation on hardware below minimum specs is just happenstance left up to the end user.


You are wrong.
On my J3455 Roon don’t use more than 23% of 1 core.

I think it will works fine on somethin like Intel Pentium III 600 Mhz.
It’s not a rocket since what Roons does, and not a bitcoin mainig.
The same functionality programs works on Raspberry Pi.

No, I am not wrong. I am factually correct – because I am repeating merely what Roon itself has documented as its minimum required specs.

Whether you think Roon runs fine at 23 percent CPU utilization on lesser hardware is irrelevant. Unless or until Roon updates its minimum required specs to include processors below Ivy Bridge i3, Roon is not developed or intended for such usage.


We can, but we won’t. Not until the ARM systems out there get my faster or Roon gets much leaner. This is a long-term goal, but not on the schedule yet.

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This specs is based on nothing.
Roon don’t use AVX2 and even AVX at all, so recomendation about ivi bridge is empty line. Core 2 duo will be no worse than i3 in this case. And even Atom to.
And I have doubdts about multy threading in Roon.

I would welcome an arm release, even for those of us who would be prepared to beta test these scenarios. With Ubuntu supporting .net how much work would be involved to release a beta version?

Although the latest 8 core arm solutions like the Rock5, Vim4 aren’t quite up to NUC x86 Gen 6-11 speeds, they do have great multicore results and arguably keep up with my gen 4 i5 NUC which has no issue running Roon (Performing procedural tasks, etc)

I find these two boards very interesting candidates:

Separately the development of Linux for Apple silicon is very interesting.

Just wondering if the Roon team would chime in here.

With Roon developing native Apple silicon Roon versions, would the Roon team consider releasing an ARM version for general beta testing, that could run on Ashai Linux OS?

I’m thinking,

Apple M1/M2 + Ashai Linux = Super fast/silent/low power Rock Server.

This was 2018. It’s now 2022, and ARM processors have come a long, long way since then. In terms of cores, speed and the amount of RAM they can support. I would like to at least experiment with a copy of roon core and see if it will run. Would a linux-based Rock image load on an ARM SBC without a lot of tinkering? Or, is that simply out of the question (hardware wise)? Various new implementation of the latest Rock chip may hold some promise - as mentioned above.

I have a life-time subscription and was wondering if I could get a 2nd free copy for 30 days to play with on an experimental platform. At a minimum, inquiring minds may find it a useful exercise.

No, ROCK is built for x64.

As for RoonServer on Linux/ARM, that project is something we plan to undertake (there is no timeline, don’t bother asking). We have it working on MAC OS + Apple Silicon, but not Linux + random ARM chips.

Transfer your current license to the new core once you have it running. You can always transfer it back.

Thx for the update.