Roon Server on NAS (newbie)

Hi guys,

I’m in the process of pricing a NAS system for storage and backup and thought I’d investigate running my Roon server on NAS. My first question is, will this diskstation be powerful enough to run Roon smoothly: Synology DiskStation DS1522+ Ryzen R1600 8GB RAM 3.5" Diskless 5-Bay NAS / ?

I was thinking of running 1 SSD drive in it for the Roon server, and, then, two larger spinning drives for storage, and, another 2 for backup.



In general, there is a lot going-on on a NAS besides Roon and potentially other third-party software you may run on it additionally. Therefore I recommend using a quad core (or more) CPU. With a dual core CPU you can easily run out of computational power with Roon alone (playback, audio analysis, DSP, metadata updates, communication with remotes) and/or in combination with tasks run by the NAS OS simultaneously.
Roon can take-up a lot of memory depending on the size of your library (every content counts, no matter if streamed or local). So the 8GB may not be sufficient. How big do you expect your library to become (in track count)?

General storage for your personal use or all for music only?
If all for music, this sounds like a lot to me and I would expect the 8GB RAM to be insufficient. The dual core CPU may also become a real issue. The house-keeping tasks for such a large library may become lengthy (think in hours not minutes) and can create issues for playback/remote serving during those times.

If you plan on using a NAS exclusively as Roon Core Server, you might be better off using a purpose built PC for that instead (more powerful for the same or lesser price).

I have two Roon cores, each with their own license and each on a different QNAP NAS, each NAS is a dedicated Roon core and library, the TVS-672XT has an i3 core and 8GB of RAM while the TVS-h874 has an i5 core with 32GB of RAM. Both NAS have 500GB M.2 SSD cache and I opted to use all SSDs in the bays to keep them quiet. I do not have any issues using Roon. Just make sure your NAS meets the minimum criteria required by Roon to run the core. Although, I am probably a lightweight with only 20,000 tracks. Not only that, but I am also 62 years old trying to keep on top of this technology, it is definitely keeping me on my toes.

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I am running Roon on 1522+, and it is working perfectly fine with multiple ones and ~60K tracks, apart from DSD256 resampling. I don’t have 1522+ running many other services, other than file shares though.

With maxed out M.2 cache, I think performance is fine even with everything on spinning drives but YMMV.

I am also running Roon server on a 1522+ with 2 6TB drives and a 400GB SSD module and 16GB of RAM. The Roon server is running on the SSD while the music is stored on the hard drives. This system has been working fine for me for about 6 months now. I use the drives to backup my laptop (a Mac using Time Machine) I’m not using any other services on the NAS. CPU utilization has been quite low, usually around 1% even while streaming music. RAM usage is currently at about 41%. It seems to have gone up quite a bit since the last Synology firmware update. I’m planning on going up to 32GB soon as it’s not a very expensive upgrade.

When setting it up I installed 2 Seagate drives which worked fine. I originally bought a 3rd party SSD module but found that wouldn’t work with the NAS. I had to return that and purchase a Synology SSD module and then it was fine. If I was setting it up again I might consider using SSD drives instead of hard disks as they are a little noisy. Not an issue if you can keep the unit away from your listening area.