Roon server on QNAP does not see my downloaded music after trying to solve AAC files problem

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I have a Roon server running on a QNAP NAS. The other day I moved to the download directory some AAC files of CDs ripped by my some years ago. The Roon server correctly noticed the files and they showed up in the Roon app on my phone and Mac.

But when trying to play them they would not start.

After doing a bit of digging in this forum, I understood that Qnap server has some problems with AAC files. So I followed the steps and installed ffmpeg file in the bin directory, etc.

I restarted the Roon server but now it does not see the downloaded files at all.

Hello @Ovidiu_Sandor and welcome to the forum.

AFAIK there is no “etc.” to it. What else did you do?

Also, make sure you run the latest package:

I use both the latest version of the NAS OS as well as the latest version of the Roon (even if it seems to be from 2021 but no updated version shows up in the QNAP App Store).

What I have done is to be sure that all software is up to date and loaded the ffmpeg file in the proper bin directory. Insured that Roon is watching the right directory for download music and that caches are cleared, etc.

Let’s see if this new release will solve the issue.


What version of roon are you using?
Roon, settings, about.

Problem solved with the new (unreleased) build.



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