Roon Server on Raspberry Pi 5, please

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Thank you Carl, that original request for Roon on RPi5 was mine (Roon Core on Raspberry Pi 5, please - #33). Strong “YES” vote from me :slight_smile:


Raspberry Pi 5 now has direct PCI-Express capability to use high-performance NVMe storage (via low-cost add-on card, eg. NVMe Base for Raspberry Pi 5 - NVMe Base), so eliminating any concerns regarding the unreliability of MicroSD cards.

I think the RPi5 (with an NMVe disk) is now the perfect sweet spot for Roon to really extend the reach of their brilliant Roon Server software into more homes :).


Thanks all. I’m glad that @AndrMu covered off the PCIe compatibility point because it’s no longer the case that pi locks you to run everything via an sd card.

Thanks for the official angle @AMP. Worth mentioning that appetite is one side of it but I think there’s also a sales opportunity for Roon here. Right now it’s pretty much “you need to spend £hundreds up front in order to be able to use Roon at all”. Which is a hurdle that’s putting me off of a monthly subscription as it’s not an option for me right now. I’m sure I’m not alone in being dissuaded in this way. If Roon can make the server app more flexible to be able to be run in a variety of environments then there are a bunch of new subscribers to be found. Many of those prospects have never heard of Roon yet, let alone sign up to this forum to be able to vote. Removing as many barriers to entry as possible will definitely help. I appreciate this takes time and resources though.

I’d be happy to start my Roon setup with a modest configuration with almost-average performance, then look to upgrade later. If my initial setup is underpowered that’s fine by me: it would at least help me get my foot in the door to enjoying/exploring the Roon ecosystem.


I get the feeling that a Raspberry Pi 5 COULD be suitable for a Roon server IF equipped with something like HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP and the Pimoroni NVMe Base.

That should be able to handle DSP (not sure it would be capable enough, but needs to be tested), as well as a 2280 M.2.

I using roon on the 3 months for 3 dollars Black Friday deal, and not sure if i will stay on:
I am using an old i5-6500 machine as core, which works perfectly fine, but will not last forever, so will need an upgrade. My roon bridge is an RPI4. I could upgrade it to RPI5 and add NVMe and use it as a single roon server, that would me much more cost and space effective. The same way ROCK works on NUC a similar distro could support the RPI5 witn an NVMe HAT. This would be great motivation to keep using the platform.

From the official response from @AMP posted earlier:

From which I conclude, don’t hold your breath, but use the Vote button at the top of this thread.

Hi Folks,

As a datapoint ONLY:
I built a self-contained audio system using an RPI 5 with a 4 TB NVME. Audio output is over USB to either of 2 DAC’s (Topping D90 and RME-ADI 2 FS). Playback is audibly great, even with DSF (DOP).

Note: still using Roon on my PC - Airplay 2 is great, thanks Roon!

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I think it is time for this question again. When will there be a Roon server build for Linux on ARM, specifically the Pi5? The arguments against previously have been “not powerful enough”. I’m not convinced that argument still holds.

While I love the idea of it being ran on a Pi5, I think its a really bad idea.

The Pi5 is miles below a modern NUC or any Nucleus device and trying to cater to such weak hardware will hold development back and offer an inferior experience. An experience that roon would be blamed for.

Massive no from me.


Please read the official response from @AMP earlier in this thread.

In particular, re the RPi5 he states:

Right now there are some technical hurdles and insufficient demand to pursue this.

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While this would be cool, I also don’t think the pi5’s CPU has enough power even with an overclock. It might be fine without any DSP or SRC, but that is just poor user experience.

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