Roon Server on Synology can't see microRendu [solved]

Selected RoonReady in the AppSwitcher (showing as Active) but the microRendu doesn’t show up in “Add Network Device”, only get HQPlayer, which I’m not using.

Roon Server 1.2 Build 147 running on a Synology 216+, Roon Remote on an iMac, microRendu fw 2.2. No obvious IP networking issues and other zones (both networked and local to the Remote) working fine.

Is this a supported config??

Thanks in advance!!

The microRendu should also work with a Roon Server running on Synology.
The microRendu should act like a regular networked RAAT output device. For example like an output on your Roon Remote on your iMac. As this works in your setup, I’d look at the microRendu again:
What DAC did you connect to the microRendu?

If you are still unlucky making it work with the Synology, I’d check if the device will be detected if you temporarily set one of your remotes to be the server (with a new database – no need to migrate your database).

Thanks Christopher, working now.

I tried restarting the Roon Server on the Synology, restarting the microRendu, and moving the Server to the iMac as you suggested - all to no avail. Then I noticed that the microRendu had lost contact with the DAC (a Devialet 250). Once it found it again the microRendu showed up in audio settings on the iMac and plays without a hitch, which it continues to do even after moving the server back to the Synology. Might be something to do with the Devialet standby issue noted in the microRendu release notes. Or maybe just random weirdness?

Anyway, many thanks for your help! :grinning:

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