Roon server (on Synology DS415+) does not answer

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Synology DS 415+ (Intel Atom C2538 Quad Core 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM, HDD only)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

netgear WAC104 wifi + switch used connected by cable, ubiquity router

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

only trying to setup from my PC with roon app installed and configured just as remote

Description Of Issue

I’ve added my collection to the server setup 4 days ago and at first I could see album and track count going up very fast. Now after 4 days I can’t connect to the core anymore. Sometimes the app will say it’s initializing, sometimes it says it’s ready, sometimes it doesn’t find it at all and just waits with the animated Roon logo, or displays a message saying the core takes longer than usual to reply and it’s still trying… quite a lot of ways to show the same thing.
On the NAS side CPU is used at 25% by Roon and disk at 50%, RAM at 85% (Roon taking 1GB of RAM).
Knowing that I disabled completely the analysis I really wonder what it’s doing.
My library contains approx. 120000 music files and last I could see when I still could see something (end of first day) the discovery was done.
What is it doing since?
When can I expect it to be ready?
LMS does a full scan of that library in 2h…

Roon does a lot of heavy lifting in the background to pull in album art and metadata and for a large library and a very slow CPU this will take a while…many days most likely…many many maybe more depending on your network / internet connection and also if you are running on an SSD as is recommended - you have not given yourself the best experience out of the box with no SSD if that is indeed what your setup is lacking.

Thanks for your answer, nothing is used to the max so I wonder why the core doens’t answer.
Can I run the discovery and analysis on my PC and then backup the DB to transfer it to the NAS, all done?

4GB RAM is recommended. If the 50% disk you note is activity (not usage), then your system is probably constantly swapping.

If the figures you posted are process stats, keep in mind that many more processes are runing on your system.

thanks, will try doing that on a faster machine and migrating the DB on the NAS later
as explained here

Yes you could do that. But as BlackJack noted you are really stretching the roon friendship with such a low performance platform. You might be better off leaving the Core on the other machine permanently at least until you decide on your roon trial - or are you committed already?

Sure I can leave it on my fast machine for the trial.
No not committed yet, I have to experience the radio extensively first ;o)
LMS “random mix” with it’s selection of genre might still miss me…

well get used to the interface first on a reasonably decent speed platform. Lots of other options than a NAS to run a core - ROCK is highly recommended on an Intel NUC too

Hi @Charles_de_Clarens,

As suggested above, your Core doesn’t quite meet our recommendations outlined here — For best results, definitely try out Roon on a machine that does meet those requirements and you’ll have a much better experience. You can always run the Core elsewhere but use the media from the NAS for your library.

If you have any questions about anything during your time trying out Roon please let us know!

Thanks, at this point I’ve finished scanning my library on a laptop with SSD and restored it to the NAS, where I now use an SSD connected via USB3 for the roon install.
Roon doesn’t start at all: I can’t connect to it from the roon app on my iphone or the roon program on the laptop. On the NAS the memory is used between 50% and 90%, disk used 50% max, CPU used 10 to 30%. I’m surprised and wonder if even after upgrading the NAS I’ll hav a chance at having that working.
I’m looking at the Synology 1019+ that has 8GB RAM standard and a quad core CPU (Intel Celeron J3455 ), I can fit it with an SSD for boot and applications then second volume with spinners for library.
Would that be enough?

Hi @Charles_de_Clarens,

As noted in our requirements, the CPU should be an Intel Core i3.

Personally I would stick with your nas as it is for music and put Roon on a NUC

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