Roon Server on Ubuntu Server using a NAS

I’ve rebuilt my Roon Server on a PC with Ubuntu Server 18.04.
After a few tweaks with cifs, ffmpeg and alsa i’ve got it running.
My NAS is a WDMycloud. For the life of me I cannot get the server to coonect to the NAS via my iphone remote. I go to choose music storage folder in settings, add network share, put in the location and it tells me it’s unavailable. What path should i enter? the NAS is seen on windows as \wdmycloud\public\music

Try smb:\use nas ipaddress\public\music i

The paths are either:

  • \\NASDRIVENAME\sharedfoldername
  • smb://NASDRIVENAME/sharedfoldername

On Ubuntu, you have better luck trying the second option. Since smb is a uri scheme, you should use forward slashes, not backward slashes.

Alternatively, you can also try replacing NASDRIVENAME with the ip address of the nas. Although I generally recommend using the name (ip addresses are more subjective to changes).

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Fantastic, I’d tried everything you’d said apart from the ip address. Put that instead of server name and Bingo, works. thank you very much. Any idea why that is the case? My DNS seems fine for everthing else

Probably because your computers were not using DNS to resolve the hostname to begin with. On Windows, they are often using NetBIOS/WINS for resolving local network names. Linux based machines don’t deal with these things out of the box.

Solution to this problem is to have DNS records for those local network devices. There are routers that automatically put computer names they encounter on the local network into their DNS registry. If you prefer to kill a mosquito with a cannon instead, run your own DNS server in your local network :sunglasses:

PS: don’t pin me on the netbios stuff, I’m not entirely 100% sure.

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If you have nss-mdns package installed on the Linux system, then \NASDRIVENAME.local\SHARENAME should become resolvable. Note that the “.local” domain suffix is required.