Roon Server problems with outputs

I have a PC desktop set up with Roon and Roon Server which is connected to my hard drive of music.

I then have a laptop in my music room which is connected to my amp/dac.

When I have the laptop as my Roon core I can choose the amp/dac output and play music through the streaming services.

When I select my desktop as the core, I can see the desktop on my laptop as the core and can see all of my music from my hard drive but cannot select the output for my amp/dac and can only see the outputs for my desktop.

I am sure there must be a way to play the music from my hard drive on my desktop through my laptop connected to the amp/dac and be controlled on my phone?

Please help

Hi, check that that laptop zone to make sure it’s not set to be a private zone.

Also turn off any firewall to troubleshoot

I have checked and it is not in private zone

Sorry, turned off firewall and thar has done the trick!! Thanks very much

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Maybe safer to specifically exclude Roon leaving everything else covered

You need roon and the raat exe also

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