Roon Server question

I’m a newby to Roon and have some questions on Roon Server cnfg. In my initial setup I set the Roon Core on a dedicated, hardware optimized “audio only” Windows PC for Core, Control & Output, all on one PC. I duplicated Control to my general purpose PC which I use most of the time for Control functions other than when booting the “audio” PC & Roon app. I also run Control from an Android phone and an iPad. I extensively use Tidal as well as Fidelizer Pro on the “audio” PC. Would I be better off running Core,Control on my general purpose PC and running Roon Server, Output on the audio PC? I will add a Renderer at the next step.

This is what I do and can also be done with some folder renaming as I recall - been a while since I messed with this. Some details in the KB area.

I would try both and see which you prefer.