ROON-Server restart

Hi, I am running an ASUS mini I5 Computer as a dedicated roon-server. The server ist connected via LAN to a QNAP-NAS (12TB Raid5). There are about 76’000 music-files on the NAS.
ROON ist running great serving my T+A, Squeezebox touch & -Radio, bluesound pulsflex.
I just configured the Backup-schedule for the Roon-Server-System.
After restarting the Roon-Server, the systzems starts to analyze the complkete amount of files on the NAS again!!!
I am planning to run a backup once a week and restart the server afterwards (to make sure all updates are activ). Will Roon start to analyze all 76’000 files again every week?
Is there a way to shutdeon the server-Software?
Kind regards

A rescan isn’t unusual but full re-analysis is strange.

Maybe it is because I did not shutdown roon-server-application before restarting the the PC?
How can I shutdown the ROON-Server?

That isn’t a reason why it would do what you say is happening.


But it is still working!

What OS is Roon Server running on? Also, had analysis previously completed?

It Windows 10
The first Analysis was running at about 125’000 of 125’025 files and was still ongoing.

Hey @Axel_Hammann – I’m guessing theres a file (or handful of files) causing problems for analysis, and Roon is getting stuck on them, as opposed to re-analyzing everything.

Can you try the following and then our support team can look at this for you?

  • Restart your Roon Core and confirm you’re seeing analysis happening again - note the time
  • Repeat that 2 more times
  • Let us know the 3 times this happened
  • Send us some logs

Then we should be able to get a sense of why you’re seeing this happen so much. Thanks and sorry for the trouble!

OK Thank you
I will do that. It will take alittle bit of time.

I stopped and started the analyse-job and I reached now 4000+ !!!

“ROON-Core” is not exactly precise.
Theses Tasks are running on my computer:
Roon-Snip-3 Roon-Snip-2
How can I stop “ROON-Server” & “ROON-Appliance”

Actually there is no Tasks named *ROON-Core", is the “ROON-Server” or is it “ROON-Appliance” ?

It would seem that you are running too many variants of Roon on your Windows 10 computer.

Roon provides Control, Core and Output
RoonServer provides Core and Output (and is “headless”)
RoonAppliance is part of RoonServer and provides the system tray icon

You don’t need to run both Roon and Roon Server on the same machine. If you use this PC to control Roon I suggest you uninstall Roon Server and let Roon provide the Core functionality.

I stopped ROON-Server.
Now, only ROON is running with These Threads:

Appliance and ROON-Server are not running anymore.
File Analyzer started again with Zero.

Let this run since it is a new “core” and may not have previous performed the analysis.

Since the ROON-Server is down, I do not have a Connection with the IPad and Squeezbox-Devices.

You need to enable those devices in the Roon you are now running. Probably these were previously enabled only in the, now not running, Server.

That does not sound very much like a structure.

In General

  • what is ROON-Appliance doing?
  • What is ROON-Server doing
  • What ist ROON doing?

If I do not have to run the ROON-Server on my dedicated Computer without a keyboard and without monitor, what it this piece of Software for?

Talking about the “core”, is it part of ROON, ROON-Server or ROON-Appliance?

That is what i meant by saying "looks not much like a structure.

Martin answered that earlier in the thread

First things first. To enable your devices go to Settings->Audio and enable the devices that are now not connected. You’ll have to name them again.

As for Roon vs. Roon Server. Roon is the full program, i.e. core, output, and control. Server is just core and output. People sometimes run just Server on machine if they don’t want any other functions there.
In general, you wouldn’t want both on the same machine.

I didn’t design the bloody thing. I’m just telling you how to get your devices back.