ROON-Server restart

You only needed to install one software package on your PC. Since you had Roon + Roon Server you essentially installed the following:

2 × Roon Core
1 × Roon Control
2 × Roon Output

Your Output devises were pointing to the “headless” Core (RoonServer) which you have now removed from your system, so you need to point them to the “new” Roon Core that is part of the Roon package.

Take a look at this page:

I want to run a Maschine working as a server. For administration Purpose it would be more comfortable to use the Maschine via RAS and login into ROON.
I learned, that this seems to be a strange idea. Right in the moment when I start ROON on the dedicqated Maschine, all other remote system will see two ROON applications. That is what i meant by Talking about structure.

I could not write until because

  1. I was not allowed to post anything because of a 24h time-limit
  2. I had to go to work

So,now I have reduced the tasks to “ROON-Server” only. It looks like it is working this way. Most likely al files are scanned and checked. It took about 20 hours and several restarts. But finally we are probably done.

Working on the Computer using roon seems to be impossible. Because I would need to start “ROON” beside “ROON-Server” which would not be very helpful because “ROON” will start a new “core”.
That is a pity but I probably have to live with it (there are realy more difficult problems in the world right now, so I will not complain about this.)

Did you take a look at this page: If you want to Control Roon from the same computer that runs Core you should install Roon not RoonServer.

Yes, that is what I learned. But “ROON” creates a new core!

Okay, I think I understand … yes, each software package will setup a new Core and database. What I suggest you do is this:

  1. Backup RoonServer database (Core only)
  2. Shutdown RoonServer
  3. Open Roon (Core+Control)
  4. Restore the backup to Roon
  5. Confirm everything is fine with Roon, and only then
  6. Uninstall RoonServer

No, ROON-Server is fine, because I want to use with IPad and Iphone. But for administration purposes it is more comfortable to use ROON on a computer and screen and change the tags of specific files. But if there is started a new ROON-core with this purpose, this is. not a good way to work.
I will use ROON-Server and for admin-tasks I will take the Ipad to my Admin-Office and use the iPad-App and the regular Windows and QNAP Systems on the screens. That is was talking mentioning the “structure” of the software.

I don’t think you understand: Roon _is_Core+Control whereas RoonServer is only Core. Both work with iPad and iPhone.

You can still use a PC as a front end to roon it doesn’t come up as a core unless you select that yourself.

Thank You all! System is running fine. The server-app is running at the dedicated PC.

Instead of an IPad I would like to use my regular PC as a ROON front-end. Do I have to install the application called “ROON” on that PC? Running this app without activating a new core?

Yes that’s right.

Thanks for the fast answer. I will try that this evening.