Roon server sleep and wake up issue

Greetings, after ARC release I decided to buy a small pc and use as windows roon server (I use it also for other stuff so I cannot use linux). All works as intented but I have this small issue: the mini pc goes often to sleep to save energy. I use WOL magic packet from LAN or WAN to wake up it and auto launch roon at user logon. After the pc wake up after a sleep… audio devices are no more available (the tab is empty). Arc devices works but PCs, sonos and other connected devices are vanished. It is enought to enter the minipc with an RDP session, close and relaunch roon and all is ok again. It is something can be fixed? Or is it so intended?
Thank you

Are you running Roon, or, RoonServer?

Personally, I run RoonServer and have my Windows PC set to never go to sleep.

i installed roon and it runs as server. I mean raat service runs on the machine that sometimes sleep ( I use it sometimes so I prefer to let it sleep to save enegy). Is it there a specific roon server installer?

There are two installs:

  1. Roon which installs the graphics interface client as well as the server portion.

or you can use…

  1. RoonServer (a separate install) which just installs the server, no gui, it can be set to Launch on startup, and resides in the taskbar icons with other running softwares.

I used Roon 1.8 with graphic interface and had no problems with launch after startup: Audio devices were visible.

After update to 2.0 I switched to Roon Server as Rugby mentioned. Now I have the same issue. The core doesn’t wake up entirely, there are no audio devices visible.

Installed roon server instead of roon “full”. The problem with wake up after sleep is the same. It is enought to enter with an RDP session (or teamviewer or similar) exit roon and relaunch. The devices are back again. While if I use arc all is ok also after wake up.