Roon Server Software constantly restarting on my ROCK

Roon Core Machine

ROCK on an Intel Nuc10 i3, 8GB Ram. 128GB SSD interal. USB C attached external LaCie 5TB hard drive for music storage.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected to an Apple Airport Extreme 802.11ac (circa 2017) via ethernet.

Connected Audio Devices

Via ethernet: Two USB outputs on RopieeeXLs (Raspberry Pi 4s) connected via ethernet (to the same router).

Via wifi: Sonos speakers in the kitchen and an iMac system output in another room.

Controlled via Roon app on two different macOS devices, an iOS device, and an Android.

Number of Tracks in Library

105,000 tracks (about 80% local, 20% Qobuz)

Description of Issue

When the 903 build was released, I started to get notifications on whatever Roon controller I was using that the connection was lost and within 30-ish seconds, the connection would be back. This started happening somewhere from every 30 seconds to every 3-5 minutes. Initially I believed this to be a possible network problem, but when I checked on my Roon Core via the ROCK web access interface, I can see every time I lost web connection, the running time on the Roon Server Software starts back at zero. I had to leave town for a trip and figured it was just a bug that would be sorted with the next update, so I figured I’d wait.

Today I’ve updated to the latest versions on all my controllers and server software available (913) and still keep having the same problem: every 30 seconds to 3 minutes, the Roon Server Software restarts on my ROCK, it rescans my entire library (causing the Nuc fans to run) and right when it seems like it’s fully loaded, it reboots again. I’ve tried turning all my remotes off and it continues to reboot on its own. It is currently unusable and I have to turn off the Roon Server Software from the web interface for the ROCK to keep it from constantly resetting. Otherwise, the Operating System section appears fine and runs w/o any interruptions. Based on this thread (Roon Server Software restarts constantly after restarting ROCK) I wonder if there’s a corrupted file causing havoc somewhere, but don’t know how to find out.

If there’s anyone who could offer some advice, I’d love to be able to use Roon again. I miss my music.


Hey Jack,

It took longer than it should, sorry, my colleague will be looking into your issue and come back.

Thanks for updating me Yaohan. Looking forward to it.

Hi @Jack ,

I’ve activated diagnostics on your ROCK, but I am not seeing any logs come in, is this unit turned on at the moment? Can you please access your Roon logs by using these instructions and upload a log set for review here and let us know after it’s been uploaded?


@noris sorry about that, I’ve had it powered off so it wouldn’t keep rebooting for days. I have powered the unit back on and reactivated RoonServer on my ROCK. I’ll leave it powered on for now.

I also zipped and uploaded the RoonServer logs to the link provided. Let me know if you need anything else.

Hi @Jack ,

Have you had a chance to use your ROCK since your last post? I was looking over your logs and they look like they had an issue with memory that we fixed in our latest release. I would try to update to the latest Roon build and see if that helped with the issue.

@noris I’ve been out of town on business since the day after my last post, so while I’ve left the ROCK on for remote diagnostics and log access, I haven’t been able to access/check it since my departure. I return early next week and will follow up on the status then.

@noris Got home from my trip and updated the ROCK software to the new release. I’ve had it running for over a day without issue. Seems to be fixed. Glad to have my music back, thank you!


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