Roon Server Software shows not running

Dear Sir,

I Suresh Lalwani have been using Roon Core for many years, and immensely enjoyed it. But since last 2 days i am not able to get access to it. On the browser when i access the roon core via the ip address, everything shows ok except for Roon Server Software shows not running. I have even reinstalled the operating system, but that still did not resolve my issue. Your help in this matter would highly be appreciated.

Hey @Suresh_Lalwani,

I’m so sorry you’ve ran into this issue :sweat:. We’d love to help.

Could you please share a screenshot of your Web UI? Instructions on how to access it are here:

Hey @Suresh_Lalwani,

I wanted to follow up on this thread and see if there was an update on this issue? Can we still help? :nerd_face:

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