Roon server spec Intel Atom Z8350 with 2gb of ram

Would this work as a server? I’ve searched but only found old posts from 2015

Minumum CPU for a RoonCore is an i3 and 4 GB of RAM.

This is a dual-core processor with a single thread rating of <500, and is way below the minimum specification required for Roon Server.

You also need a minimum of 4 GB memory.

It may run, but performance, even after initial analysis, will be laggy and not a great experience.

If you’re trying Roon, start by running it on your desktop or laptop.

According to my experience both the CPU and the amount of RAM is way below what will enable Roon to run smoothly. You might get it functioning with very limited amount of tracks in the library. But I guess it would be stuttering and no fun at all. Despite from that I would not recommend 2GB of RAM because it might lead to the system misusing drive space as RAM replacement making it even slower and unevenly reactive. 4GB minimum of RAM is an absolutely reasonable recommendation.

Roon is a bit vague when it comes to minimum CPU requirements. ´Intel Core i3" says nothing as there are plenty of different i3 as well as Atom versions and generations from ´Roon would not even start´ to ´reacts faster than your eye´.

I always found it useful to check a relyable CPU benchmark database such as to have a vague understanding about CPU performance. Your Atom has an overall benchmark of 904 which is way too slow. I have just thrown out my outdated Celeron having a 1700 mark and which I would classify as the threshold between slow and acceptable Roon performance with a medium sized library.

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