Roon Server stops playback

Core Machine

Either MacOS (Mac Mini M1 16GB Ram) or Windows 10 Pro (Gigabyte MB i7 8th gen 16GB Ram)

Network Details

TPLink switches - OPNSense router/ASUS router. Asus Access point. Most endpoints are wired - 3 aren’t.

Audio Devices

Raspberry Pis/HiFiBerry

Library Size
70000 tracks

Description of Issue
Music simply stops on either server instance. I keep canceling my subscription because I’m a little tired of troubleshooting/buying hardware. This is independent of endpoint(s) used or local/Tidal.

I have logs available, but not sure where to send them.

And I’m using Google’s DNS (no improvement) - and on the server.

Can anyone point me in the direction of troubleshooting? I have no problems with anything else on my home network. This includes LMS streaming to same endpoints, Plex, Subsonic, Airplay, Chromecast.

Hi @pratt733

Where is your music stored?

If you play local content to System Output of one of the Core machines do you have the same issues?

Are your Cores connected via Ethernet?

Music stored on external HD and on internal. Makes no difference there.

I’ll try system output, but this issue usually only occurs when I have several rooms grouped.

Cores are connected via Ethernet. In fact, all endpoints are, too, with the exception of 3.

As I test, here is a log snippet from when it pauses:

06/09 15:26:26 Trace: [analysis] analysis completed in 1908ms for 207s of FLAC 44.1kHz 16bit audio. loudness=-5.55413052526725LUFS dbTP=1.39576340779091 noisestartms=0 noiseendms=206934 isdts=False mqa=0 for track 16164658 url=/media/nick/2b711574-ec8b-4638-aa05-c58b42080684/Main/Rush/R30- 30th Anniversary World Tour [2005]/1-09 - The Seeker.flac
06/09 15:26:26 Trace: [library] finished with 1 dirty tracks 1 dirty albums 2 dirty performers 1 dirty works 1 dirty performances 0 clumping tracks, 0 clumping auxfiles 0 compute tracks, 0 deleted tracks, 1 tracks to (re)load, 0 tracks to retain, 0 auxfiles to (re)load, 0 auxfiles to retain, and 6 changed objects
06/09 15:26:26 Trace: [dbperf] flush 5096 bytes, 2 ops in 3 ms (cumulative 19782118 bytes, 11080 ops in 22355 ms)
06/09 15:26:26 Trace: [library] endmutation in 102ms
06/09 15:26:26 Debug: [easyhttp] [2019] POST to returned after 63 ms, status code: 200
06/09 15:26:26 Debug: [easyhttp] [2018] POST to returned after 63 ms, status code: 200
06/09 15:26:28 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer Nicks-iPhone @] client connection failed. Retrying in 750ms
06/09 15:26:29 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer Nicks-iPhone @] connecting (attempt 3)

And playing out of the System Output seems fine. So it’s my network, but what? I’ve made sure all of the router/wireless settings are “correct”. Have a Netgear r7800 router and ASUS AX58-U access point, with TP-Link Gigabit switches. Cat6 cabling all determined to be correctly terminated. No wifi issues. All rPi 3B+ (or 4B) with HiFiBerry cards.

Would it be possible to get some help, please? I do pay for this software.

Hi - can I please have some assistance?

I’m sorry this was missed, @pratt733. Can you share a screenshot of the signal path when you’re playing to these grouped zones? If you play to each of the zones individually is there any issue, or is it just that it happens when you add a certain number?

No worries. Had no idea I needed to add a specific tag to alert you. Anyway, Thanks for responding. I’ve had it stop playing to one zone only. I’m using DietPi across the board, all with HiFiBerry DACs. Maybe there’s something there? Anyway, see attached. This is a podcast, so let me know if you want to see this with Tidal, local FLAC, etc.

@support - any updates?

@support - this is still occurring as of 8:10AM EST.

Hey @pratt733,

Thanks so much for following up on this and sorry for missing out on your replies. While Dylan is out of office, I’m liaising with another one of our technicians. We’d love to help as soon as possible, but it is very likely that we’ll hear back on Monday only, as support is closed over the weekend.

Thanks and that’s fine. Just wanted to make sure this didn’t get lost in the shuffle. Have a great weekend!

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Hi @pratt733

Sorry for the delay here — As Rebeka mentioned I’ve been out of the office but I’m working to get back to everyone ASAP!

Moving forward, I’d like to run some diagnostics on your account so we can take a closer look at what’s happening. Can you provide a couple of examples of stoppages, specifically to only one zone (not grouped, it helps us narrow down what’s happening by focusing on the one zone) ?

Please provide the following for each example:

  • The time it happens
  • The track name

I’ll run diagnostics and take a look at those examples. Thanks!

Thank you. I’ve been playing to one zone exclusively and, wouldn’t you know it, it hasn’t happened yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Any tests I can perform to see if any of my switches are bad? I’d prefer to not just start buying equipment. Does this seem like a radio is dropping off the network and reconnecting? That can sometimes (not always) stop playback.

Stopped. I was out for about 20 mins and left it playing, so I don’t know exactly when it stopped, but I noticed at 7:30PM. Track name was Se A Cabo by Santana.

Hi @support - any updates?