Roon Server Stuttering Playback Ok with "Normal Roon"

I have a Notebook as a Roon Core.
When Using the Headless version of Roon(Roon Server) i have a Pause or stuttering 2-3 Times per song.
When using the normal Desktop version everthing work flawless but i want to use the headless version.
Any Tips what i can do ?

You need to define the rest of your setup. Stuttering is mostly due to network deficiencies, eg using WiFi rather than Ethernet

The Core (Windows) is connected Via Ethernet to my Router and is feeding a Rasberry Pi 4 with Rooopie XL also Connected via Ethernet as Endpoint.
The Thing that confuses me is that this only happens with the server version when using the normal Desktop on the core everthing is fine …