Roon Server update failing (QNAP)

Hi Christopher,

Many thanks for your below mail from August 28, 2020

Still I have a problem with the update from Roon Server via the app centre from QNAP. The update starts and hangs at 50%
I even deleted the ROON server app and tried to re-install it, it hangs at 50%.
The same after re-booting the QNAP. No result.

“Could not download binary archive from …”

Than i downloaded the QPKG-file: RoonServer_2020-07-15_x86_64
When tring to install this QPKG file manualy it hangs at 45%.

I have no problems with my network settings, internet is working fine (download at 100 mbs).
Even other apps from the QNAP appscentre are updated and processed fine without any problems. Also the update from QNAP is processed fine.

Any ideas; any suggestions??

Thanks and much appreciated.

Marius Nijland
Hilversum The Netherlands

Did you manage to take a look to my query??
In the mean time my QNAP TS-251+ has been updated to version
Still problems downloaden Roon Core
Marius Nijland

Hi @Marius_Nijland,
If the installation hangs at about 50%, it indicates an issue with the download of the latest Roon build (as the error message underlines). You could try 2 things:

  • It could be related to a DNS issue. Try to set your QNAP to Google DNS ( and

(If you are using virtual Switch, you have to enter the DNS server in the “Virtual Switch” section.)

  • You can download Roon Server application for Linux from the Download Page by yourself with your computer and put this file in the Public folder of your QNAP system. Then perform the installation again. The installation process should now use the downloaded file in your Public folder instead of downloading it on its own.

(Sorry for the late answer, I must have missed your original post…)

Hi Christopher,

Many thanks for your below reply from October 2nd. Much appreciated.

Sorry for my delay with an update.

Unfortunately both 2 suggestions did not solve the issue i have on updating or installing ROON Server on my QNAP.

  • Set QNAP to DNS 8.8.8 .
    I have changed the DNS to Google


With the following result:


Installing at 50% >>>> no further progress



I tried it many times, all with an network error.

Updates from the QNAP system and/or the other QNAP apps are processed with no problem at all.

I also contacted QNAP, but they are very rude to say, that this is an issue with the roon app, therfore I have to contact ROON Labs. They are not helpfull at all.

Whenever I have to buy an new NAS, this will not be a QNAP anymore.

Any other suggestions?


Marius Nijland


The Netherlands

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