Roon server will not install on MacBook Air

Roon Core Machine

MacbookAir M2 2022 8gb ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

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Description of Issue

I have RoonServer set up on a couple of NAS machines and it works well. I’m trying to install it on my MacbookAir and it will not open from the applications folder (although it posts a roon symbol in the menu bar and that says that roon is running.

RoonServer doesn’t have a GUI. Is that what you’re expecting?

Why do you have multiple RoonServers?

Personally, I would install the full Roon application on a laptop. Not sure why you would want Roon Server.

Clearly I’m confused about names of apps and so on. I want to try it on my laptop because a friend wants it on his laptop and I want to test it out. I’ve set up the full Roon and all is working well. Thanks for your help.


And you can switch back and forth if you want. You might want to use your NAS as Roon core at home, then switch to your laptop for travel. You simply deactivate one and activate the other, a very simple process.

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