Roon server will not launch

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Dell PC / Windows 10 64 bit / intel i5 / downloaded Roon version within last month.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
AT&T 5268AC / WiFi.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Project Stream Box S2 Ultra / connected to Benchmark DAC USB.

Description Of Issue
I have downloaded Roon server on my PC and Roon remote on an iPad but they are not connecting. When I try to open Roon sever on the PC nothing happens, therefore I cannot access settings to ensure it is set up to accept connections from remotes.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

You downloaded Roon Server (core and output)? Why not Roon (control core output)? That is what I used to start with. It has the remote function but you can have the remote on multiple devices, Desktop, Laptop, Ipad, phone.

Welcome to the community.

As a follow up, I tried to delete Roon Server with the intent of reinstalling it. When using the Windows uninstall feature the following message was received: please quit all instance of Roon Server before continuing. It was therefore not possible to uninstall this program.

Could there be something running in the background?

Thanks for the comment Mike. I will try again with Roon.

Should I be concerned about not being to delete the Roon Server program sill on my PC?

You might try cycling the PC and then uninstall. Maybe you can download Roon and install over the previous version. Not sure about that, tossing out ideas.

There is no GUI for RoonServer, so the only way to access it is thru the Remote.
When you first use the Remote, it should ask you what Core you want to use.

This is because RoonServer is running. It’s right here -

Downloading and reinstalling RoonServer won’t change anything.

Try accessing Roon thru the Remote app. You’re already good to go.

Hi @Randall_Gingrich,

As others have mentioned, Roon Server does not have an interface, so you would only know that it’s running if it is present in the system tray.

Do you wish to have the Roon interface on your PC as well? If so, you can use the regular Roon “all-in-one” version and that can act as a Roon Server as well.

Roon Server with no GUI is a bit less resource intensive (since it doesn’t display graphics), but if you need the interface, it’s best to just install the full version of Roon. Or you can also have Roon Server + Roon interface on the same PC, see Running Roon as a Remote Guide.

Thanks to all your quick responses. I installed Roon as suggested (removed Server) and everything is now connected and running. I like it already!

But I now need some help importing my music files located on a USB hard drive attached to my Pro-Ject Stream Box. The Stream Box is connected to WiFi via an AT&T router.

What information is required in the Network Share Location box in settings?

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Glad to hear that the install issue is resolved!

First, I cannot say if the Pro-ject Stream Box support Samba (SMB) connections, but to add shares to Roon, they must support SMB. You can inquire with Pro-ject support if your streambox support this or not, as they would be in the best position to confirm. However:

This would most certainly be a bad idea. If the drive is on the Streambox and the Streambox is communicating via WiFi with the Core, you are going to run into issues with latency.

Everything is processed on the Roon Core before sending out to your endpoints, so you would essentially be doing Core -> Project (via WiFi Network) -> Fetch the files -> Core (via WiFi Network) -> Project Audio Output (via WiFi Network).

I suggest you do not do this and connect the USB hard drive directly to your Roon Core, so that the path looks like: Core (fetch files + buffering happens locally) -> Project Audio Output (via WiFi network).


I took your suggestion and imported my music files from the Core on my PC. Everything imported successfully and I am up and running with my CD collection. I now look forward to learning about Roon. So far it looks amazing!

Thanks for your support.

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Happy to help here @Randall_Gingrich! If you run into any further difficulties, just let us know and we would be happy to assist!

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