Roon server wireless and wired

My ROON server is installed on a separate Win 10 PC with both wireless and wired ethernet. I want my Auralic streamer connect wireless to my Roon server ( for hi-res audio wireless is better) and my other end point PC’s with Roon clients ethernet wired.
Is there a suggestion for the set up of the Server and the Auralic ?

While both should work higher bitrates require much better WiFi connections and typically 5G has better speed but less distance, 2.4G is slower but better range. I would stick with WiFi on your router as this might be better and easier.

You always read that cable is preferred. But I’m using wireless for a long time. Not for the Roon Core, but for the endpoints. My Roon Core is running virtualized downstairs in the computer room.

If you have a rock solid wireless, then it is absolutely no problem.

I read recently an interview with the CEO of Auralic. In that interview he actually preferred wireless over a cable version.

I second this. Wired Roon Core/Server Wireless endpoints.

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Question… I have a mac mini running Roon server and the Mini is ethernet connected to a switch to my router. My Aries Bridge/transport is wireless with an AES connected to my Vega Dac. It sounds great and I hear no difference when I connect an ethernet wire from the switch to my Aries.

My question is does the mini itself make a difference in SQ? I don’t use the mini as a system output. Just trying to think if I made a mistake in not getting a NUC (besides the savings) or spending more for a Nucleus.

I don’t believe systems make SQ better, It is what you have connected and how is connected that makes a difference. Dont use on-board audio unless is optic.

This time I second that statement.

Mac Mini is not a bad device at all, as long as its simple IT specs are good enough. Enough RAM, fast enough CPU. If this is not the case, you will have dropouts, crackles and similar problems.

The important thing is, with wireless you made an “air gap” between your IT infrastructure and your audio infrastructure. I do not think you will hear a big difference by using another computer as core.

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I read here somewhere someone said the sound is different coming from the Mac mini so I am assuming that mini was directly connected via USB to a DAC. Not sure. I do use a wireless connection from Roon server to my Aries femto.

This is down on how you configure your source, driver, sample, etc… In my opinion there is better support for audio in Linux than in windows and people mistakes this as “it sounds better”


Servers should always be wired…Roon server in this case is best wired, as noted if your wifi network is robust enough and endpoint allows wifi then its free to try it. see what you like best.

Thing is lots are arguing about hifi ethernet switches - so if wifi connection supposedly make it a better sounding connection why shouldn’t a better switch for wired connections…just saying folks.

I run most of my RPi endpoints on Wifi but they max out 24/192 and I have a robust 2.4/5G network with AP’s in each room, but they do have to compete with other devices in the house on wifi (phones, iPads, laptops, tv’s etc etc)

Bottom line is try it either way if the options exist and see what you prefer.

Please tell me that’s a joke :stuck_out_tongue: WiFi does not make a better sound path.

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I also say!

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Any particular reason why you believe this to be the case?

I watched a video of Darko that says that wireless endpoints are better than wired endpoints.

Anyway, I have everything wireless, from the server (simply a notebook) to the endpoints (two Pi 4). No issues for now.

You will soon understand that allot of that is just BS.

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It’s pointless to make generalisations like that. Wireless performance is dependent on the quality of the hardware running it, the behaviour of all the devices connected to it, and a host of environmental factors caused by other electrical devices, some of which may not be in your own home. Sure, there is much better equipment out there now than there used to be, but there are still more variables than there are with a wired connection.

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Given the choice of wired or wireless, I will always use wired.


I started out all wireless with Roon running on my PC in the bedroom. Worked fine 99% of the time.

Then I moved to the wired Nuc/Rock setup with wireless end-points. Still worked fine 99% of the time.

Then twice in one week I had issues with my Router but didn’t immediately know that was the problem. The first time anyway.

After that I decided to have the house wired and added a 8 port switch to go with the 8 port router. It was expensive but I don’t have the few wireless issues anymore. Dedicated remote is also wired.

I could have survived with wireless, but at least now I feel confidant Roon won’t have any issues during the Holidays with 20 people here using their phones with the wireless network.


I started out running Roon core on a wireless Dell XPS 15 and using RAAT to a wireless Oppo 203. I had nothing but delays and skips, etc. I was able to get ethernet to the Dell and that helped a lot but not perfect. Then, I paid someone $200 to run ethernet to my Oppo 203 and again, some improvement but not perfect. Finally, I purchased a Nucleus and now have everything wired with ethernet except control devices. Roon works PERFECTLY streaming MQA from Tidal and high-res from Qobuz.

My advice, for what it’s worth…if you’re going to use Roon, don’t skimp. Use equipment that fully meets or exceeds the Roon requirements and run ethernet to your core and end-points. Don’t waste your time posting in the Support forum wondering why your system won’t work with Roon.

I would always have the core wired and use wireless for the endpoints. Wireless core is asking for issues wireless is not robust enough for server use where your both pulling and pushing as it eats the available bandwidth and likely cause dropouts at some point. Whilst it can work you need to have a very robust wireless network with little interference from neighbouring WiFi.

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