Roon Server with MSB Renderer V2 Roon Endpoint and MSB Reference Transport Roon Ready

Hi all.
Need your help/advice, please.
I run Roon Server in win 10 PRO PC controled by iPAD. The MSB Reference Transport Roon Ready is direct connected to the PC through a JCAT Net Card. No switch or router in between. The Roon Server/Control app see the MSB Transport. Fantastic SQ.
Now with the MSB Renderer V2 Roon Endpoint, same direct connection, Roon doesn´t see the MSB Renderer. No sound. If I put a switch in between, Roon see the Renderer and the sound is great but, it could be even better with no switch in the middle. I now that from my experience with minimserver and other SW. No switch, better sound.
Why can´t I make a direct connection with the MSB Renderer V2? What am I missing?
Thank you.

Anyone, please?

Hi @anon64655450 — Thank you for the report and my apologies for the wait time here.

Unfortunately, the MSB Renderer V2 is not currently certified for use with Roon. Since we haven’t seen this hardware yet, we’re not really able to comment on what should or should not work with Roon.

I can see this device is being described as a “Roon Endpoint”, so we’ll need to follow up with MSB to find out what’s going on here. All Roon Ready devices go through a full certification process to ensure issues like this are resolved before the integration reaches end users. This process also ensures that our support staff is familiar with the capabilities and operation of every certified Roon Ready or Roon Tested device.

For the moment, you’ll probably want to check with MSB as well, as they’ll have the most current information on when this device will be certified as Roon Ready. Once that happens, I’m confident we’ll be able to get things working for you.


Thank you very much Eric. That makes sense. I will check with MSB.

I am using the new renderer Input (MKII with MQA and Roon Ready) from MSB. It runs in principle, but in the settings it shows me that the renderer is not certified. In addition, DSD is not passed on natively, but encapsulated as PCM. This is not necessary because the MSB DAC supports native DSD processing. Maybe this has to do with the pending certification? Which brings me to the real question whether Roon still certifies the new MSB renderer?

Hi @Lorenzo_Mutti ---- I moved your post over to this thread because we had a similar request recently concerning the MSB Renderer V2. Please see my post above, thanks!


I asked msb about the progress this week. Here is the conversation about it.

Me: Any progress in the process?

MSB: Wrapping up the final changes this week! Depending on Roon, we could be certified by next week.

Thanks for the feedback Lorenzo.

Any news from Roon regarding certification?

Hi @Lorenzo_Mutti ---- Thanks for reaching out! Hope all has been well.

While I can’t give specifics in terms of an exact time frame I did catch up with the tech team this morning. They mentioned that the device is still being worked on and that we are waiting on some materials from MSB.


Update from MSB: Tediously slow progress, but progress none the less. There will be software updates for the DAC adding some extra user features as well. I have been using the new Roon interface and it really is outstanding! The volume control from the app is responsive and very convenient. There are other under the hood improvements that will result in a very stable and high performance solution.

Latest update from MSB: Our final code has been submitted! This includes several revisions from Roon, so we should be set. Roon could approve in a day, week, or… well hopefully in the week time frame.

@eric Any news from your side?

Hi @Lorenzo_Mutti — Thank you for touching base with me and providing an update as to where MSB is in the certification process. Very appreciated!

While I am pleased to hear that MSB have provided the team with the final code I am not able to provide a formal update until all work has been completed. I can assure you that this is actively being worked on by our techs and as soon as I have an update to provide it will be shared in timely manor.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding during this process!

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Thank You Eric. Yes, please inform us asap. Best regards. Armsan

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Hi Eric,
Yesterday the firmware update of MSB was delivered, which I did of course immediately. Thus it was already certified by Roon. Now it needs an update from Roon to recognize the new version, right?

Hi @Lorenzo_Mutti,

We cannot comment on timelines for certifications. Rest assured we are actively working with MSB and we will be sure to let you know as soon as the devices are certified.

Thanks for the feedback. But I think you misunderstood my question. According to MSB the device is already certified by Roon. That’s why they played out the new firmware. Which is not recognized by Roon yet, because it needs an update from Roon. Means that probably the Roon core needs an update first, that the new firmware is recognized by MSB, right?

Any news regarding this certification? I am on the way of purcasing a MSB dac with the new render v2. But I would love to see this in place first.

Agreed. We deserve a better support from MSB and Roon, about this subject. My setup is on hold for ages…

MSB has been doing its homework for several weeks now. This means that the Streamer V2 has already been updated. I installed the update on the same day. The only thing missing is the integration of Roon.