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Hello, the app instantly closes and I receive an error message when trying to launch the app on MacOS since the latest update,

Is it a common problem or is it just me?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Pierre,

Sorry the hear you are experiencing issues. Could you please give us more info about your system so that we can help you more. Before you start, could you please also make sure all roon software is updated to the latest version.

Is the core running on Mac crashing? which mac version is it? what error message you are seeing?


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Hi Yaohan,

Sure, my system is a Mac M1pro macOS Monterey 12.2.1 > Schiit modi 3+ > Asgard 3 > Hifiman Sundara.

Yeah,when the app is launched, it crashes instantly and opens a report window (see pic)

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Thanks in advance man !

Hi @Pierre_Constant

Can you please install our latest update, Build 918, and send us an update? You can do this by going to Settings>About>and clicking the link in the Core frame. Thanks!

Hi, I just cannot update, I cannot open the app

Hi @Pierre_Constant,

I’m sorry to hear that your trouble persists. Please uninstall Roon from that machine and reinstall from our Downloads page.

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