Roon serveur sur Ubuntu

Hi all

I have a problem on my roon core server.

It is running on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS x64 since last june and for 3 weeks I cannot connect to my CORE.

Here is the log file from roon server :

Any help would be very appreciated …


I assume that you have not created an isolated VLAN for your wifi network. Also check that you are connected to your wifi network that is on your home network. I Have had some nightmares where my iPhone has connected to my service providers wifi hotspot in the neighborhood rather than my home network.

I see that your roon core is connected to an ethernet port rather than wifi. May want to check that you can see your unix box from your (I assume Android) device using a tool that can ping or ssh the roon core on

Check the ports that are being listened to on your unix box by typing:

$ sudo netstat -tulpn | grep LISTEN

You should see a list of ports that your roon server is listening on.

I also see in you log file that your are getting an unauthorized account response:

12/18 15:43:50 Trace: [fiveaccountserver] POST
12/18 15:43:50 Trace: [fiveaccountserver] BODY token=635b4789-9b64-413a-b6e9-3e514c82771f
12/18 15:43:50 Debug: [tidal] network reachability changed. refreshing token
12/18 15:43:50 Trace: [roonapi] network reachability changed. Kicking off discovery cycle
12/18 15:43:50 Trace: [realtime] Got time from NTP: 18/12/2021 14:43:50 (3848827430756ms)
12/18 15:43:50 Trace: [realtime] Updated clock skew to 00:00:00.6719791 (671,9791ms)
12/18 15:43:50 Trace: Successful POST response from
12/18 15:43:50 Trace: [fiveaccountserver] GOT {“status”:“Unauthorized”}
12/18 15:43:50 Trace: [fiveaccountserver] logging out due to Unauthorized response

My own logs show:

2/29 22:18:48 Trace: [broker/accounts] updated token. New expiration is 2022-01-28 10:18:48 p.m.
12/29 22:18:48 Trace: [broker/accounts] Data updated. AccountStatus=LoggedIn MachineStatus=Licensed …

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Hi John and thanks for this investigation.

I’ve fixed my issue withs yours clues :slight_smile:

I also noticed that refused connection with CORE and that reminds me that ssh or any other connection protocols were unauthorized because of closed ports.

The firewall is the origin of the problem and the defaut ubuntu installation seems to be compliant with the Roon Core but not the others security updates.

I decided to turn off the firewall and everythings works fine now !

Thanks to you, I had the clues to investigate better.

Havea nice end year (under the snow in Vancouvert)


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