Roon - settings for external DAC when roon only sees player

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC running Roon

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wired ethernet
Flac files stored on wired NAS (Synology DS720+)

Connected Audio Devices

3 separate points:
NAD CS1 → Cambridge Audio DAC Magic 200M
Primare NP5 Mk 2 → NAIM DAC
WiimPro → Cambridge Audio old DACmagic

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Question really, not an issue. In each of my 3 setups roon is connected to a player which outputs a digital signal to an external DAC which then connects to the amp.
Roon only sees the player, but everything sounds lovely
In settings it gives me the option to do stuff with the players, set up for MQA etc., but the players are just outputting the digital signal to an external DAC. Is there a way to set up/for Roon to see the connected external DAC or do the settings set in settings for the player carry through with the signal somehow to the external DAC

As a point of knowledge, each time I upgraded my system I used a cheaper player the Primare was 500, the NAD 300 the Wiim 150 as it seems the player is only there to be a client to send the signal to the external DAC so no need to spend £££ on the player

Thoughts everyone?

@LUKE_STEADMAN, interesting question. Of the three network devices you are using, the Wiim Pro and the CS1 are both a streamer as well as a DAC, and are both Roon Ready. They connect over the network and contain both native support for Roon’s RAAT audio protocol as well as a DAC to output an analog signal as well as a passthrough digital signal. Therefore they are the Roon endpoints which will show up in Roon, and can be controlled more finely due to being Roon Ready. Downstream analog (amps, preamps, active speakers, etc.) or digital (other DACs, upsamplers, etc.) devices won’t be seen by Roon when connected to the CS1 or the Pro.

The NP5 is just a network streamer and passes through the digital signal without any option to convert to analog. The NP5 also is Roon Ready, so again this is what Roon will see as the NP5 is expected to be connected directly to a DAC. As the NP5 is the Roon network interface, anything connected downstream to the optical or coaxial port cannot be seen by Roon.

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