Roon setup for the IT challenged

@support, Am new to Roon, and am not computer proficient. The community conversation is over my head. Am hoping you can help on the kindergarten level.
Have setup Roon on my 64 bit operating system windows laptop PC and have connected to my iphone 6 as a remote. Tried but failed to connect my wife’s 2 year old ipad (can’t even figure out what vintage it is) in hopes of a more easy to read remote.
I stream Tidal using an Auralic Aries with an Oppo 105 DAC.
My focus is to maximize the Tidal streaming experience. Have ordered a Mytek Brooklin DAC+ to use instead of the Oppo, and to avail myself of MQA.
Using my PC for the Roon core is inconvenient. Am thinking I could perhaps get a tablet to act as the core and the controller. If so, any suggestions as to which one to get? Any other ideas? I notice Mytek is not on your partner list. Should I rethink that purchase?
Thanks, Covington

You can’t use a tablet as a core. You can look at specific core options like Roon Nucleus or Small Green Computer’s Sonic Transporter, or some skills maybe beyond you would include ROCK on a NUC. Other options include a MacMini or other PC based small form factor perhaps using a NUC also. ROCK is a Roon based dedicated setup.

The iPad issue could be because it needs to be on iOS 11.X ideally the latest. Assuming it can install the APP you should be ok.

You can run a Windows Surface Pro as a core and controller. It is an expensive route to Roon but it should work. But then you would be at the mercy of your WiFi so while it is technically workable it might not be the best solution.
For similar money an i3 NUC running ROCK and a half decent android tablet would be your next best bet but you need some IT smarts to assemble and download what you need. If your iPad were new enough you wouldn’t even need the android tablet though. Finally, Nucleus is the solution for those who really don’t want to deal with IT and can afford to pay for that luxury.

Thanks both.
Unrelated: Why don’t I see the “Masters” (higher density) set of recordings when I view Tidal on Roon?

Not sure but I see Tidal Albums and I select Masters from the options top right of my screen.

Thanks, am apparently blind as well as IT challenged!

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That’s alright. Just make sure the ears are okay :slight_smile:


Give this a read…

Hello @Covington_Sharp,

I saw you flagged Support, so I wanted to check in and see how you are faring setting up Roon on your devices. For now, I would suggest that you use your Windows Laptop PC as your Roon Core in this case to avoid having to buy new hardware just to support Roon. If you don’t want to connect your DAC directly to the Windows computer, you can also look into the many Bridge devices out there, like Auralic Aries or Sonore microRendu. Wherever you run your Core, you should be able to use the iPad as a remote provided both devices meet our minimum requirements. If you have any other questions, let us know!