Roon setup on Oppo 203?

hi there,
i just installed the Roon software on my mac (OS 10.13.2) but i don’t use my mac for playing music files (just for ripping or DL’ing to hard drive). i have a hard drive attached to my Oppo 203 via USB. the Roon app has been looking for devices for a good 20 minutes now with no results. how do i get Roon and Oppo to work together? thanks

It isn’t necessary to have your storage attached to the Oppo. Have your HDD attached to your mac and use the Oppo as an endpoint to play files. You will need to go through the roon settings for storage and audio.

thanks for the info, but i’d actually prefer to leave the mac out of the equation if possible. is there a way to do that?

No, not possible.

You installed Roon on a computer, but the gist of what you are saying is that you prefer not to have a computer be part of the music playback equation.

Therein lies the issue. To play music with Roon, a Roon core must be installed and active on some sort of computer somewhere on your local network. Then, if you prefer, you can use other devices besides the computer to control the Roon core.


ah. ok, that makes sense to me. i’ll set up the core on the mac and do some fiddling. i’m still on the trial period.