Roon setup questions on HTPC with Kodi

Currently, I have Windows 10 HTPC connected to a Denon AVR via HDMI. I use Kodi to play my music and video files. While I was looking at adding a few wireless speakers to my system, i stumbled across Roon.

Now, I’m wondering if Roon can replace Kodi for music playback on my main HiFi system…

Do I need any additional hardware, or can I just install Roon on my HTPC and it will output to my AVR just like Kodi does?

Can I run Kodi and Roon on my PC simultaneously, using Kodi for video playback and Roon for music?

I have used both on the same PC before without any conflicts (MacOS however). I am using a seperate DAC connected via USB though.
In my first configuration I ran Roon Server and Roon Speakers on my HTPC with Kodi Running as a client to Plex Server as well. I’ve since moved my server to a different PC, simply suited my needs in a better way.

The only conflict I could think of is using Exclusive Mode in both applications. Each application should give up its exclusive access to the audio device fairly quickly after playback is stopped however I have had some experiences where this did not happen so a restart of the software or PC was required. Didn’t happen often though.

Thanks Astr0b0y!

Hope you don’t mind a few follow-up questions…

What are Roon Speakers?

If my HTPC is connected to my AVR via HDMI, do I need a DAC?


RoonSpeakers is a price of software you install and run on a computer you wish to send audio too. When you have RoonSpeakers installed you will see, within Roon’s settings, your computer as an audio device that can be used for playback.
Within these settings you will also be able to select other audio devices connected to your HTPC, such a your receivers HDMI interface, which just happens to be part of a DAC.

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For clear instructions see this - Before you start

BTW -The computer you want to send audio to Roon calls an endpoint, which can also be where the Roon core is running… Roon calls “RoonSpeakers” Roon Bridge on their download page.:sunglasses: