ROON Setup Recommendations

I’d sure like some setup help.

I think I understand but do have a couple of questions about the best way to setup ROON with the equipment available now.

I4770k CAPS PC with SSD, no fans, 16 gb RAM, Paul Pang USB 4, several Elfidelity tweaks

iPad Aire 2

AMD Athalon 3200
SSD Drive
Windows Server 2012
Audiophile Optimizer
SOtM Fan Filter
Elfidelity PCIE filter
Elfidelity RAM Filter

It looks like ideally I should install ROON Core on the Server but, I don’t think it’s fast enough.

So I guess I should install ROON core on the i4770k PC?
Do I just point it toward the Server? It is running Windows Server 2012? I hope that’s not an issue.

I’m considering upgrading my system by purchasing a second PC which would be the Audio PC. It would just contain my Paul Pang USB card, a SSD.

My i4770 would hold the ROON Core,
Could I still keep my music files on my Server? This way there would be no spinning disks inside the ROON Core i4770 machine.

Or instead of building/buying a new Audio PC I’ve thought about purchasing the Auralic Airies or the new Sonore NAA micro Rendu?

Hi Steven,

You can install Roon (or RoonServer) on both the Server and your current PC and change the Core from one to the other to see which one you prefer. I think RoonServer would be fine on your Server.

I run RoonServer on a BRIX using Server 2012r2 with AO in Minimal Server mode. It works fine for me, just have to make sure that all updates and the media essentials pack has been installed.

Alternatively you could put the Core on your PC and point it at the music files on your Server. You could also have HQ Player running on the PC if you wanted to play with that, in which case you would want to run the NAA software on the Audio PC and have HQP stream to the Audio PC.

You could have the new Audio PC currently run Roon as a Remote, but ultimately you would prefer to run RoonBridge on it.

The Aries works well as a RoonReady device but is unlikely to be an NAA in the near future. The Sonore SonicOrbiter SE is also currently RoonReady, at a considerably cheaper price point and is also an NAA. The Sonore micro Rendu will fall somewhere in between.

So, in short, all the things you are thinking of doing appear possible.

I have ROON server installed on server.
I have access to my library on my PC. Playing music to my system.


I installed ROON on iPad Aire. It has found the library. But I want it coordinated with the Audio PC. Not the RoonServer PC.

In other words I want it to mirror what’s displayed on Audio PC and be able to select music as I see it on the screen.

Hope this makes since.

Hey Steven, currently you can’t control output to your Remote from the iPad. However, this will change in the future. For now, you have to use the PC.

Cheers, Greg

Your PC and iPad are Remotes that both control output from RoonServer Core on your server. They are independent. Each can see all zones connected to the Core. There is no need for them to be synchronised as each can access all zones on the Core.

If you are trying to control a zone connected to your PC from the IPad you can’t do that yet. You will be able to do it in Roon 1.2 when all zones connected to Remotes will be exposed to all other Remotes. Roon 1.2 is in alpha testing and will be available shortly.

If you want to control a particular zone/endpoint from both PC and iPad before then, connect it to your server.