Roon setup suggestions

I have a synology NAS attached to the network, which I always see on my MACs, but I cannot seem to see or access it in Roon Setup. Do you know what I might be doing wrong?

I also see that i can install the Roon server on my Synology NAS. Is it advisable to install the server on the NAS too, if I have already installed one on my Macmini?

Have you pointed Roon to the Aries music folder?

You can create multiple storage locations

It’s a good question, but I don’t know the answer. You could compare benchmarks for the two processors — a V116A068 2.3 GHz Dual-Core i5 in the mini vs an i3-7100U for the NUC, but there are a lot of other variables, including the physical age of the two units and the overhead imposed by the two operating systems.

If you already had an i5-based Mac mini I’d say by all means go with that, but when it comes to a decision of which to purchase, I’d have to say … neither.

Like many Roon lovers, I’m finding the ROCK thing fascinating, but since I already have a Roon server that does everything I need it to, all I have to offer are opinions based on my reading on this forum and some online shopping. With that in mind, if I were buying something today to use as a dedicated Roon server, I’d go with a NUC6i5SYK and install ROCK on it. In the US, I can get one for $329, while I’d pay $289 for for the NUC7i3BNK, so for an extra $40 I’d go for the extra computing power I’d get with the i5.

Again, this is speculative on my part, but that’s my honest assessment.

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Thanks for your assessment @orgel.

I liked this comparing the 7i3 against a i5 (Sandy Bridge, 2011). I’m not sure if that was the correct CPU that is in your 2011 mac mini. Anyway it seems the modern 7i3 would compete at least similarly to 2011 mac mini i5 cpu but as you say there are a lot of other variables.

I live in Sweden and intact the price of the NUC7i5BNK is the same as the NUC6i5SYK. You pay around $100 less for the NUC7i3BNK. A used 2011/2012 mac mini off with an SSD and 16 or 8 GB ram works out to be the same price as a NUC7i5BNK and buying ram, m.2 ssd and an internal SSD.

Interesting. If the NUC7i5BNK will cost you less than NUC6i5SYK (which seems kind of odd), I would go for the 7th-gen model. I did a couple of comparisons:

I think this comparison is accurate (I’m not sure that i5 is exactly the same, but it’s close enough), but as much as I like Macs, I wouldn’t feel comfortable spending money on many 6-year-old ones. (I’ve agonized for a while about replacing my 8-year-old Mac Pro with a newer (used) “old” Mac Pro, because the current Pro’s don’t meet my needs, but in the end I just decided to retire instead. :wink: )


Thanks for the comparisons.

Yeah now that you put it that way, it doesn’t make sense to look at 6 year old mac mini especially since NUC’s are cheaper and ROCK is free.

Roon is not seeing one mac mini on the network, although it has a roon bridge running on it:

Ok here’s a little problem I need resolved, with the collective wisdom of forum members. I have my roon core running on one mac mini in the house, with remotes and/or bridges running on all other macs or os devices, and everything seems to be working fine with one exception : Roon does not seem to recognize a second mac mini on the network, although it has a roon bridge installed and running on it, and is connected by ethernet to the network. How do I resolve this problem?

This is not completely urgent, because I have a squeezebox touch serving as a roon endpoint in the vicinity of that 2nd mac mini, and that SBT (powered by an Uptone LPS-1) is doing a magnificent job delivering roon/music to that particular room… I still need to know why roon doesn’t see that particular 2nd Mac mini with the roon bridge, for my own understanding, because I may attempt to install a roon bridge on a third Mac Mini located in another room of the house, and I would like to be ready if the same problem shows up again.

Any suggestions would be highly welcome.

If you use Fing or something similar to show all the devices on your LAN, do both Mac mini’s show up? Is the errant Mac mini on the same subnet as the mini running Roon core?