Roon setup with Meridian Explorer2

Hello, brand new in this forum and new to Roon. I make a very basic use of Roon: external HD connected to my MBAir plus an external Meridian Explorer 2 Dac for Grado Headphones or any good active loudspeaker system connected via cable. I am wondering how setup for maximizing the sound quality. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot, Alex

Alex, I hope by now your getting MQA from Tidal on your Explorer 2.
Just a heads up from the Hitchhikers Guide To Meridian Forum. The Meridian winter price promotion is extended to the end of January 2017.
That means Explorer 2 Is £129.00 in the UK. Three month Tidal trial as well
I don’t profit from this, just wouldn’t want people to miss out.

I ordered mine 3/3/2017 from Audio Affair in the UK. For some reason, they dropped the price to £107.50 for a total of £123.68 with shipping.

I received the device on 3/10/2017 and hooked it up with no problem.Tidal Masters are playing properly through Roon and sound very good.