Roon Shared/Public playlists

Fall 2021 release has brought us Roon specific playlists, which is an interesting start. I feel it is just a start as there are only a few Roon playlists, and they are pretty short (I generally use playlists that are at least 2 hours long so that I can just throw on the mood that suits me and get on with what I am doing).

But got me thinking, how great it would be if Roon subscribers could share their own playlists in the same way. If others are like me, the majority of my playlists are ONLY kept in Roon. Occasionally I’ll port a playlist or two towards Qobuz, but 95% of my listening is via Roon. And I find it somewhat pointless. My interface is Roon, always is - Qobuz is just one piece of my library that feeds Roon.

Obviously this is functionality that is contained with every major streaming service, but how great would it be if we can make our playlists public to share with the Roon community (as I pay little or no attention to Qobuz or Tidal communities - in fact I do not know if they even exist).

Obvious problems exist - differing catalogues between Qobuz and Tidal, inclusion of tracks/albums that exist only in the subscribers library (rare, live, bootleg). I’m sure there is a way around this…

I love this idea, would love to be able to find playlists created by other users.

If you search the forum this has been requested for years, by multiple people in various forms.


My bad…….:flushed:

No not at all, my apologies if it came across as a criticism. I meant more to highlight that roon really aren’t in to playlists and so haven’t really paid any worthwhile attention to them.

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Lol not a problem. Now I have read many times of the ‘disinterest’ in playlists in general, but just had an inkling with the latest release that the yardstick had been moved :sunglasses:

Sean, you are bang on. this would be a great feature that would strengthen and fuel the Roon community and in doing so create retention and loyalty amongst its users. Sharing is quite fundamental to digital experiences yet roon lags way behind in this area.

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