Roon should buy TIDAL

:slight_smile: All our problems would be solved.

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@fritzg, don’t use Tidal so I have no problem to be solved.:see_no_evil:



I would only hope Roon could be successful enough to contemplate such an idea!

So you guys want @danny, @mike and @brian’s music choices to feature as prominently as JayZ’s now ? Careful what you wish for …


No kidding… If I had to use the native Tidal app I would’ve cancelled my account.

Same here. The only reason to use Tidal is the Roon integration. If roon would have xy streaming service integration, I would use xy.
For me the big thing with Roon is using local and external content together without thinking about the source.
Without such a smooth integration I would already use LMS.


I feel Tidal’s CD quality content is another reason to use Tidal. But I agree that Roon’s interface actually makes Tidal usable! There is another CD quality service that just entered the US (where I am), I think it’s Qobuz or Deezer, not sure.

I’d rather not see Roon hitch its wagon to a music streaming service, especially considering the volatility in that space. I’m hoping Roon can integrate with multiple streaming services and help promote lossless / hi-res offerings.

Apparently Deezer’s “elite” tier offers lossless FLAC streaming. Qobuz still isn’t available in the US.

Deezer Elite {which is the CD quality service) is only available on Sonos systems.

Do you think Apple will buy Tidal, then make a bid for Roon?

Even if they did, I wouldn’t like to see Apple get control of Roon; I think it would be the beginning of the end if they did.

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I said this with a little dread.

Who knows what Jayz is thinking with regards to Tidal. I suspect that JayZ wasn’t interested once he realized there weren’t any “corner offices” in Apple’s new ‘spaceship’ HQ :wink:

Apple killed off Aperture pretty recently and I don’t see them having any appetite for adding or supporting pro or enthusiast class software products… unless there is some significant IP involved, but even then it would be for the IP and in those types of deals they deep six the incumbent product quickly.

Just finding Final Cut Pro X on Apple’s website requires you to first go to Mac hardware and then scroll all the way to the bottom, below the ‘free’ iWork and iHome apps even. There is no top-level menu option for what remains of Apple’s Pro Apps, software, etc, basically all of their software products / brands have been highly deprecated. Even iTunes is persona non grata, now replaced under ‘Music’ by the Apple Music subscription service.

Folks, this was supposed to be a light hearted topic, an opportunity to imagine Roon being a huge success and more in control of their fate rather than dependent on fragile partners.

Relax! :slight_smile:

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