Roon should provide consistently high quality images throughout the platform

Might I suggest Roon provides consistently high quality images throughout the platform, including ‘classical’… this is frequently not the case, eg check out Alberto Ginastera!.. on my tv this (pathetically) tiny image looks ridiculous when it’s put up by the program during playback… there are other examples I’ve come across… Many thanks for your help – Gavin Miller

You can add you own images but I often find decent high res images are not available online.

Thanks Chris… how do you do that?

On my I pad, I find and image online then copy the URL into the Add Image section in Roon

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Hello @Gavin_Miller

Thank you for sharing your feedback about images in Roon. Like you we prefer to see high quality images for all artists in Roon. But, as @Chrislayeruk mentioned, high resolution images can be hard to come by for some database entities.

I’m pleased to report that we have some exciting things in store soon for artist images in Roon. Please stay tuned!