Roon show the wrong song on the now playing.....see picture for explanation

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC 11, ubuntu latest version

Networking Gear & Setup Details

NUC is wired directly to router

Connected Audio Devices

sonos play 5

Number of Tracks in Library

about 14000

Description of Issue

see the picture I attached - I’ve seen this a few times now

Hi @Ian_Hudson ,

Thanks for the report here! Can you please let us know:

  1. Have you seen this issue occur on any other zones or just the Living Room Stereo?

  2. Where are the tracks stored, are they on NUC internal storage or an external drive, etc?

  3. Is there any pattern to the type of content this impacts? Does it impact TIDAL/Qobuz as well?

  4. What does the network setup look like, can you let us know the model/manufacturer of the router in use?

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I have seen it other zones, yes
The tracks are stored on the NUC on a different drive than the system drive. The NUC has a M2 SSD 256 GB with just UBUNTU and Roon Core and a 500GB SATA SSD with about 240GB of music on it
I have Tidal and it doesn’t seem to happen with it, but I’m not 100% sure - I’ll keep an eye on it
I live in Toronto and use Bell as an ISP. The router is one of theirs, the 3000

It seems to happen after playing music for a long time if that helps…and I think (I’ll keep an eye) only on Roon Radio

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Have you rebooted everything from the network outward since it started happening?

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yep - a few times…that’s not the issue.

It actually just happened again. here’s the situation:

  • I have a filter that shows all my local music. I went to that and hit shuffle just to get random tunes from my entire local library. (I do that all the time)
  • It stared playing fine, and about 33 songs in, I looked at the now playing, and it was showing the next song in the queue as what was playing…
  • I paused playback and left it for a hour or so (got some calls)
  • when I resumed playback, it continued not from where the last song ended off, but from the point of the now playing screen, so things look fine again…

This isn’t a deal breaker for me. I was mostly reporting it so that Roon developers could investigate and squash a bug. I work in IT, and this software is so slick I just figured they would want to know about this fault…I would. But hey, maybe it’s just me getting this - I dunno - but if others are experiencing this, they probably would want to fix…and I’m willing to send logs, or continue to troubleshoot… this is pretty consistent behavior for me, and I feel like I have a pretty optimal setup for my smallish local library of 790 albums. It shouldn’t happen…

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Hi @Ian_Hudson,

Thank you for the clarifications in your most recent post. The team will dig into logs around the timestamp. Hopefully, we’ll learn something that will bring about a quick resolution. Stay tuned and we’ll circle back shortly.

Thanks -

A question - how can you see “logs around the timestamp”? I didn’t send any logs? Are you able to see my activity at Roon headquarters? or do you need me to send logs of some sort?

also, it just happened again. It seems like the now playing can’t keep up with what is playing, It slowly starts to lag behind. For example the next song starts playing through the speakers, but the now playing shows there is 15 seconds left of the previous song…hope that makes sense.

only seems to happen on my local library, not tidal

Hi @Ian_Hudson,

There is basic diagnostic information in the form of report logs that our servers can request from your Roon Core, provided it’s online and you’re logged in. Roon generates error reports when there are network problems or the software isn’t working correctly. These are the same system logs that we’ll sometimes request from users in support situations where their Core is functioning or can access the LAN, but not connected to the internet.

In your case, there are network failures during the playback session of your original report; there are similar indications that the network reachability is changing at somewhat regular intervals (roughly 20-30 minutes), as well as local network errors consistently throughout more recent logs. While this is a unique manifestation UI glitch and playback interruption due to a network error that the team will certainly look into, underlying network connectivity problems can certainly explain it, and may continue to plague your listening experience if uninvestigated for too long.

If you’re able to use the IP address on the router to access the web interface, you can check that the Bell Hub 3000 is in bridge or passthrough mode. Additionally, you may want to try changing your router’s DNS server assignment from the IPS-provided address to one that our user base recommends, if you haven’t already: Cloudflare DNS or Google DNS.

Please reach out if that helps or if we can clarify any of the above suggestions. Thank you again for your patience.

Thanks for the reply. Last’fm huh? I wonder where that is coming from? I do not use it.

How can I turn that off?

I’ll check the router for bridge mode and I may change DNS but I ran a test on that a whike back and it said my DNS settings were optional.

Anyway, good to get some details to dive into. I’ll report back……

Wait, So you mean it SHOULD be in bridge mode or not because that means that the hub 3000 would then not do wifi or dhcp - And I need that.

I also logged into and there are no apps scrobbling to it…

Ok, this is happening with regularity now - it’s skipping songs, wrong song showing in the now playing queue. I can’t get through 1 album without it happening…it’s becoming useless…I do not trust it…
I wonder if it because I am primarily using Sonos and all my Sonos is wifi?

I just unplugged all my Sonos gear, restarted my router/modem, and plugged Sonos back in…we’ll see how that goes.

I will say that this never happened playing to Sonos using Jriver with my local library. I recently switched to Roon, bought a year license, a Intel NUC and was really enjoying it until recently…This is a problem that started small, and now it’s very frequents…
Also, I have an extremely fast internet connection - 1.5 GB Fiber…to which my core is hard wired. If I do a speedtest, I get well over 1GB… I’m also surprised that Roon playback of a local library is dependent on my Internet connection? (if I am understanding your post correctly).

If this continues, I will be forced to go back to JRiver and get back to seamless music playback…that’s a last resort of course…

Thanks for all your help…

Hi there. An update on this situation……hopefully someone can help.

I actually take my core between 2 locations and I was just at my other place for a week streaming away all day with zero issues. In my other place, I do not have any Sonos gear. It’s a much simpler setup. I stream to a MacBook or an iMac. The core is wired and the imac and MacBook are WiFi and whether the music is local or Tidal - no issues at all.

So back to the other home where it’s pretty much all Sonos and all the issues listed above happen and they happen frequently. Like, usually after a couple tracks. I certainly cannot get through an album.
I’m pretty sure it’s a Sonos thing because I am using the exact same core (and with better internet speed). My Sonos gear is all WiFi and wiring it up is impossible without drilling into walls and floors (not happening). Tidal seems to work fine with Roon; its my local library that has these issues.

Streaming to Sonos using their app works fine whether it’s the local library (which is on the Roon core machine), or streaming from online sources.
I switched my DNS to Cloudfare as you suggested. I don’t think that is the issue though as I did not do this in my other home.

Suggestions? I’m at a loss. It seems like my Roon setup does not like my Sonos setup.

I am now using Airplay to my Sonos 5s and it seems much better. A search through this community resulted in other people have issues streaming via Sonos and suggested this.
I also find it odd that my old Sonos gear shows up in Roon Tested and my new 5s show up in “Other network devices”. (FYI. The one called living room airplay is the 5s) What’s with that?

In any event, sonos and roon not liking each other unfortunately

HI @Ian_Hudson ,

Are you still having issues here, even after the latest Roon updates?

What kind of networking gear are you using at the other location? Is it the same as the previous location?

We have seen ISP-provided internet gear cause issues in the past, so generally speaking, it’s best to use standard, popular routers. In this kind of setup, the Hub should be in bridge mode and there should be an external router.

While we can’t guarantee that another router will fully solve the issue, it should at least better help with general stability. I would also confirm that your Sonos zones are up-to-date on firmware.

I was waiting a few more days to update this, but yes, it is much better after the update. It’s only happened once where it was consistently happening before. I hipe it stays that way.
I am learning to live with it and can’t wait for 2.0!!! (Especially if I can run ROCK on my nuc11)

At the house where it works flawlessly, I do indeed use my own router (but again, no Sonos there) At the house where the issues are, I use the ISP router (Bell hub 3000).

I am 99% all my Sonos gear is up to date, but I’ll look into it.

Thanks for getting back to me.

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Just a heads up that this is still happening. It just did actually. I looked at the playing now screen and it was on the next song - the one that was actually playing through the speakers was the previous song in the queue. If I pause the music, wait a bit and hit play, it will play the song that is actually on the playing now screen from where it shows it is at. So, it’s a communication thing - Roon playing now gets ahead of what is actually playing…

Hope that makes sense…

This is all using Sonos Streaming, if I use airplay, then it seems a lot better. I will try that.

oh, and Sonos gear is all updated…

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Hi @Ian_Hudson ,

It looks like this thread auto-closed, but I did want to mention that the issue may be tied to you ISP router:

ISP routers have been known to cause networking issues, and there was some evidence of network instability in the Roon logs we reviewed for your case. You may want to try swapping in a better (non-ISP) router instead and see if this helps.

  1. Poor quality or underpowered routers can play a major role when it comes to networking difficulties. 802.11n was superseded by 802.11ac five years ago, so at this point, 802.11n routers should be considered obsolete. Furthermore, the performance difference between early 802.11ac routers and current models can be substantial due to differences in CPU/RAM allotments. ISP-provided routers are often underpowered and poorly behaved. Finally, we strongly recommend against using Apple network devices such as the Apple Airport Extreme and Airport Express (note: it’s fine to use the Airport Express as an Airplay device). To ensure the best performance, we recommend against using these devices.